OPPO BDP-83 audio output question

Hi. I'm interested in the OPPO as an all-in-one digital transport. For HT use, I have to run the 5.1 analog outputs, as my pre/pro doesn't have HDMI. For 2 channel use, however, I plan to use the HDMI out to feed an HDMI audio de-embedder to in turn feed my DAC. Will the OPPO support both analog and HDMI audio outputs simultaneously? Thanks.

OK, I'll bite:

LFD amplification, Harbeth speakers, LFD cabling, music server connected to Benchmark Dac1 Pre. Yeah, yeah, not the orthopedic surgeon priced bling some bliss out on, but I've enough gear to know NF 83 plays (almost) all disc formats sweet e-nuf 4 me. Are u listening Jason? Where's my residual for my shameless endorsement?
Does anyone here know whether the bass management in the BDP-83SE (or Marantz or Denon Blu-ray Universal players, for that matter) is consistent among all the formats it will decode and play? If I decide to buy one I will only use the analog connections to my system for audio and let the player decode everything.

However, I remember reading that earlier DVD-based universal players were often criticized for having inconsistencies in this regard and it took some time for the manufacturers to get it right. Is there any data on this issue for these players that I may have missed?
Call the good folks at Oppo & ask them - I'm sure you will get a good answer.

You can also Google "oppo bd83 bass management across formats" & see what you find.

I don't have a clue - see below for why.

If you have (or get) Vandersteen speakers (2Ce SIG II; or 3A SIG) and use his 2WQ Stereo (as in 2) subwoofers (as I do), you don't NEED "Bass-management" - just tell your pre-pro or Receiver that your fronts are FULL RANGE and forget it! [:-o)>