Oppo BDP-83 and Onyko HT-R695

OK.....Old audiophile with new technology messing my head big time. So I've witnessed my Xbox-X not being able to do the audio I want...maybe it can, maybe not.  Did I make a mistake purchasing an Oppo-BDP-83 thinking I can hook it up to my Onkyo HT-R695 and get all the benifits of the Oppo like SACD and DVD-DTS?? I left all analog technology behind and it appears I may have bought a nice Oppo player for nothing...arrives Wednesday.... I thought just an HDMI cable would do it but I see So many DAC thingys needed.  Wow....maybe I should a done a bit more research.    Any help appreciated. Basically I want only the audio from the BDP-83 as the Xbox one X has 4K player.

I am pretty certain that you can run a Optical cable from the OPPO (optical output) to the Optical/Toslink input connection on your Onkyo. Dont stress the OPPO has so many ways to connect. Also, you can use a Digital RCA from OPPO to COAX Input on ONKYO  and you could use a pair of RCA analogue cables from OPPO to ONKYO. SO you see there are many ways to connect.

Thanks Matt

I was disappointed that the Xbox one X with the 4K capability wasn't able to read my Moody Blues DTS DVD, but read that PlayStation originally included the 'older' audio formats. That's when I started backtracking audio players etc...and found the various OPPO players, picking up the BDP-83 in excellent condition.
i did read about the optical Toslink cable connection. Either way your positive response will hold my anxiety until it arrives tomorrow...Then a couple of days to get everything moved, rearranged, and hooked..I'll post hopefully some Happy results. In a related thought, CD production stopping, sigh🎶🎸☮