OPPO BDP-80 question

I'm wondering if any one knows if the OPPO BDP-80 uses the larger 3 prong power cords? I have a sony BDP-S350 with upgraded c7 power cord now and wondering if I would notice any better picture quality with the OPPO BDP-80 if it uses the bigger 3 prong power cords?

I have two Oppo players... BDP 83; DV 980H; both use a standard 15 A IEC connection and migratory cord.

Swapping out the OEM cord can sure change things.
I have the 80. It uses the standard IEC 3 prong cord, not the C7. The cord will not matter in this circumstance, it will be the difference in players. If you use the HDMI output from the Oppo, it is very highly rated. I don't know if it will be better than the Sony on your display but the type of cord will not determine the difference between the two.
This should tell you what you need to know:

An upgraded cord on any of the Oppo players WILL yield sonic and visual improvement. Even a fairly economical cord upgrade will make a difference you can see and A/B test.