OPPO BDP-105D in Silver

Purchased the OPPO BDP-105D (silver) couple of years back. Long story short, lost some of my gear last year and finally getting around to replacing some of it.

Now keep in mind, I realize the BDP-105 is being discontinued and OPPO is concentrating on their new UHD player release in the early 2017 but I still wanted a 105D in silver. OPPO only has it in black, silver is gone.

I began my search for a 105D in silver. Everywhere I looked it was sold out, or the vendor had jacked the price. We all know that gut feeling when you see a re seller trying to take advantage, not good. I was to the point of getting it in black. Anyways, after a week or so I stumbled upon that BDP-105D in silver for the same price as OPPO sells with shipping. Hell yeah! Those of you looking for that model in silver need to call up audio advisor, seems they have 20 still in stock.

Now were on a roll, Jade 5’s be here next week, BDP-105 be here next week, and my Simaudio I3 SE is sitting there waiting on them. Interesting part is I brought my outside speakers in until the Jades arrive. I have to tell ya, that I3 took those outside speakers, PSB CS1000, to a whole new listening experience.

Anyways, just thinking out loud and sharing a lil input this morning.

Glad to hear you found Oppo in Silver color. If I may ask, what are your plans for Oppo? I am assuming you're not on 4K video bandwagon yet? 

I own a Marantz UD8004 for 8 plus years and never felt the need for a up scaled 4K video or Darbee edition player. I am holding back for a Oppo or Marantz UHD player release for my dedicated HT/2-CH setup.  

It seems bit unwise to spend $1200 plus on a player that will devalue or obsolete in a year or so, just saying. Oppo is a undisputed king of blu ray / 2 channel audiophile players and I am very certain that they are working on 105D replacement with a UHD playback. 

@ lalitk...plans are to mod it and enjoy it. My setup is simple, not very costly, and as you can see it's two channel. That 105D brings a lot to the table for it's price, a modded one sweetens it.
I agree, 105D modded is probably rivals components costing 2-3 times. 

Anymore info on the new UHD player?
@ mike, only thing I can offer to your question what OPPO emailed me. Their new UHD player is to be released early 2017.
That's funny, I remember holding off my purchase of a black version to get a silver one years ago and getting updates from Oppo. Ended up being 5 months later than originally estimated...
@ sonicbeauty...another funny for ya. That 105D came in, since I was familar with it had it connected in 10 minutes. Now bear in mind I just purchased one them new Samsung Smart TV's, so I connected the HDMI Arc. To my dismay I at there listening to it fade in, fade out. I'm likw what? Really? My HDMI cables are 10 years old but dropped a few hundred on each, but ended after 10 minutes of double checking OPPO's settings I slapped their HDMI cable in and everything is downtown. lmafo
Old HDMI cable was not getting it...
Anyways, thought I'd post for those with a similar problem.
The OPPO 105D is a fine blu-ray player but I would not rate it highly as an audiophile CD/SACD player.  The one I auditioned was very bright sounding and the soundstage seemed compressed to my ears.  For an all-in-one solution it is a good choice for the money.  And, for being a discontinued model it should be selling in the 900s.
I am in the market for a blu-ray player whose audio performance is considered audiophile quality.  So I am considering the Oppo but am concerned about some of the reviews characterizing them as a bit bright or sterile.  I am hoping to audition the unit but would like to consider other recommendations.  Any thoughts???
I have owned the BDP-105 since it was released. The unit was given that "bright" moniker for some reason on the AVS forum. The whole "bright" is going to be system dependent. I don't consider the unit that way at all. Especially after returning a borrowed Audio Research CD9 that I use as a reference against the BDP-105. Prior to that I owned a Ayre Cx7e that the Oppo replaced. The Ayre sonically was more forward in the mids and had a sweeter top end but had trouble playing some of my older CD's. The Oppo in my system is used with both Transparent XLR cable and power cord. I leave the unit on 24/7.
@statman I think  you kind of nailed it. Every Oppo I've ever heard had a hard treble. The 103 least objectionable. The fancy headphone amp the worst.

However, the 103 is quite good for 5.1 movies. :)


Erik, The cabling helped me along with a dedicated room. I agree the 103/105 are great on video, and I needed a good Blu-ray player for movies and the Oppo fulfills both requirements. I have read that the Dan Wright of Modwright has a tube output that cures the treble. I have yet to see or hear one to compare. That was the big difference between the Audio Research CD9 and the Oppo. The CD9 sounded so very smooth. The vocals just bloomed and opened up. Definitely not a fair comparison since the price is 10 times the Oppo. It does remind me of listening to my analog LP's which I still own.
LOL @ bright...it’s your system. For the cost of this it was a no brainer for me. I know these that can upgraded to stand with the best if you have the dinero to take it that far. My equipment is hand picked and under the 7K range and I’m telling you that 105D brings a lot to the table. Tell me of anything out their that compares to the price, I’ll listen. The one post suggesting it should have a price drop, really?
When I make my next (and first) billion, I'm getting my Oppo converted to all digital outputs. Then I can use a stack of Mytek DAC's for my home theater sound. :)


lol @ erik...I hear ya

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It is not the player I repeat, it’s the system. Some confuse added "detail" with being "bright". Some owners weren’t hearing it before in their system and now it comes off as being "bright". The question is, does every recording I play through it sound "bright" or is it certain recordings sound that way?
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Get the Oppo Modded with Tubes by Modwright if your using it strictly for 2 channel.
I have an Oppo 105D (Silver) which I use in my 5.1 surround system.  I feed a Meridian 621 via HDMI which sends video to my projector and audio, via Meridian's proprietary link, to my Meridian G68XXD.  The Meridian DAC's and apodizing filters are better than the Oppo's internal ones, but I've never noticed the Oppo analog outputs sounding too bright.  They are certainly on the accurate vs. romantic side of neutral, but still pretty good for a $1300.00 player.

The beauty of the Oppo is it can play anything, and it can stream in 5.1 audio from online sources such as the Berlin Philharmonic's "Digital Concert Hall".  If you are a classical fan and have an Oppo connected to the Internet, you've got to check this out.

@ dcbing...stream? No way, streaming is inferior, use it as a background music on a low vloume? Maybe.
The OPPO may not bring to the table that 5k player does but for another 2k in upgrades it will surpass it.