Oppo BDP-105 vs OPPO BDP-103 HDMI OUT

I have a BDP-103 and was wondering if anybody has experience doing A/B tests with both players with regards to HDMI output. Is the BDP-105 identical to the BDP-103 with regards to HDMI output as is suggested in the specs? I know the BDP-105 has a better power supply, so I was wondering if there is a big difference. If I were to get the 105, I would have no use for the analog outs.
Unless you are going to use the analog outputs, they should be identical through the HDMI. The power supply really makes the difference for the analog.
I am glad u asked this question, I am curious to. I know like the poster above it shouldn't, but really am curious to know of someone tried it....
I have not made a head-to-head comparison but I use them interchangeably with HDMI.
I actually have a modded Oppo BD-83SE and it has an upgraded power supply and believe it or not, the picture and sound is better on my modded Oppo BD-83SE than the unmodded BDP-103, which is what prompted me to ask. I haven't tested it against an unmodded 83se though.
Was your screen (TV/projector) calibrated with the 83SE before the mod? If so, that would make perfect sense that you get a better picture with a modded 83SE than with the 103. Otherwise, the video processor in the 103 is superior to that in the 83SE... If you connect the 103 and calibrate your picture with that, then you should be able to achieve a picture quality that surpasses what you've seen with the modded 83SE.

With that said, the 83SE is not a bad bluray player... we're talking incremental improvements, not night and day.
I had an Oppo 105 and sent it back due to the midbass, thin sound and hdmi issues. I purchased the 103 strictly for HDMI. I can say the video in the 105 is better due to the better power supply in it than the 103. The Imotiva UMC-200 DAC's just blow the 105 's away. Better dynamics and detail right out of the box.
I have a modded 103 that includes such goodies as the Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX and high speed clock and have just added a bunch of WA Quantum Chips for capacitors and semiconductors. The sound of the modded 103 is killer, leading me to think perhaps it's true that it's not the DAC per SE but how the DAC is implemented.
I could agree with that. I want to mod my 103.
Can someone please PM me, or, give me the source to have my Oppo 103 modified?
@Jdlynch, try Ric Schultz mods. From what I hear he is pretty good for what he charges. He has mods directing to which application you need.