Oppo BDP-105 Region Free

I have seen various region free (BD & DVD) Oppo BDP-105 players for sale on eBay. If you own one of these players, what has your experience been, any problems? Specifically, is it simple to switch zones automatically, what happens to region free coding when a firmware upgrade is installed, is audio or video quality compromised etc.
I bought my 105 direct from Oppo...best way to go...Mine has not been online for any updates and works flawlessly since I bought it when it first came out...Upgraded from the BDP-93 and an upgrade it was...couldn't be happier
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"Shakedown" and "Mental" miss the whole point of "Mgattmch's" original post. The question was specifically about region-free versions of the Oppo 105, which Oppo itself does not offer.

To get a region-free unit one must go to a secondary seller/distributor of Oppo products who offers that modification. Thus the central question of the original post.

Region-free modifications are frequently advertised on Audiogon.

FWIW, my own experience of region-free versions of the BDP 95 and 105 has been quite positive: ease of switching region-codes, no degradation in audio or video quality. However, I cannot answer the question about the consequences of firm-ware updates, since I have done none.