Oppo BDP 103 and 105

Any thought on the Oppo BDP 103 and 105? I currently own the Oppo bdp95 and I'm wondering if I should sell it and get the new bdp105 since I'm not going to hook up my computer to it. I was going to have my Oppo 95 modified but this new bdp105 is giving me second thought.
Never 'look back', go with either the 103 or 105.
Buconero, have you had a chance to demo the new units? Where?
I have just heard that the new 105 does not have the region free capability, they have installed some kind of a limiter chip of some kind.
just received the 103. i opted for this version since i will use the hdmi for audio and would not use the upgarded DACs in the 105...
install was a breeze...recognized all my network locations and files
within seconds, the flac audio playback is phenominal...
next was look at the lindsey buckingham concert dvd....again, outstanding audio and the picture is a vast improvement over the lower end sony unit it relaced...the blacks are deep and the colors sre brilliant...

next was titanic blu ray....o.k. my wife made me put it in.......the last time i watched this disk, the low end bass effects would just rumble and were more irritating than impactfull... not any more....very clean impactfull effects...

granted my basis for comparision is a $100 sony unit but the bang for the $500 oppo is a no brainer....

if you are not going to take advantage of the analog outs and the upgraded DACs...can't beat the 103...IMO
Check out the recent Audiohlics Online OPPO interview/Q&A.
Quite informative!
M scared. No region free for BDP-103? Thats sad
No region free for any new model Blu Ray player (or DVD player) made after late 2012, or so I'm told.

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@ Miketuason,

I'm contemplating acquiring a BDP-95...using a BDP-93, currently. I value having analog video flexibility ;-)

Do you have any objection/issues with fan noise?


No fan noise at all on my 95 unless you put you ear to almost touching the unit but even then it's very quiet.
As info I can hear the fan in my 95 from about 2' away and only if the music is not playing. I sit more than 10' away so it has never been an issue. As I would expect, the fan only comes on when I am spinning discs and usually after about 15 minutes. When using the USB thumb drive in the front I cannot recall the fan engaging no matter how long it was on.

Miketuason and Rgd,

I appreciate your observations :-)

Miketuason -- if feasible, please let me know if your BDP-95 is placed on the market...thanks!
Will do C1ferrari