Oppo bdp-103 analog volume control

Hi, I connected  the Oppo bdp-103 analog stereo outputs directly to a stereo amp(Adcom GFA-555II).  The volume control is set to variable on the oppo.  I have a very loud volume at the lowest setting "1"  at "0" it mutes.  I am running the latest Oppo firmware(updated Jan 2017).    Anyone else seeing this result?
I have a 103d connected to my preamp via the analog outs and the volume is smooth, has a wide range and is barely audible in the single digits.  Its imperative to reset the factory defaults if you have updated the firmware.  My unit was acting strange , locking up and not working via the wifi app.....I restored it to factory values and its been fine ever since .  You'll have to set the unit up again and re enter your passwords for any apps
Thanks oddiofyl.  I contacted Oppo, I was using an SACD in DSD mode.  In this mode the 103 will not have volume control on the analog outs.  I had to set it to PCM and all is well.  Sounds really good.  I am going to run it this way for music listening.  I did upgrade firmware when it became available followed by a factory reset.  There is an option to keep app info after a  factory reset.  It keeps app login info, but WiFi has to be re entered.