OPPO BD95 output question

I am in the process of ugrading my system. Currently, I feed audio (CD, SACD) from my Sony BDP-s570 via HDMI to my receiver.

I also use an Ipod digital doc (Cambridge audio ID100) which feeds a DacMagic dac.

I am about to get to the next upgrades, which may include an Oppo BD95 to replace the Sony.

My question: can I use the Oppo with both HDMI AND digital coax outputs ? Meaning: I want to route the HDMI to the BD input on my receiver and the coax digital to my dac for CD listening.

Does the Oppo support this or is it a either/or choice?
It does but you should buy the Oppo BDP-93, not the 95, as you will not be using the DACs and analog outputs which are the only advantage of the 95 over the 93.

Kal is totally correct. The way you want to hook it up, you only need the 93. They are the same unit to that point. I am just adding my 2ยข to re-inforce Kal's comment.
One major reason to go with the '95 over the '93 is the balanced outputs...which the OP will make NO use of......
So? '93 it is.
Thank you for your feedback (and fr saving me some money, LOL ) !