Oppo BD83 as a transport

Has anyone used this as a transport only for CD?
Would the SE addition improve the unit as a transport.
I'm also thinking of sending the unit to Cullen of PS Audio Fame to have PS Audio's HDMI I2S output installed?

Any comparisons between OPPO as a transport and PS Audio PWT?
The PWT is in a different league than the Oppo as far as transport is concerned.
The SE edition of the Oppo does not improve the transport.

The PWT offers a larger soundstage with a less congested overall sound when being used as a transport.

The Oppo products are great, but I would not compare them to dedicated standalone transports.

To be forthcoming I am a dealer and sell both above mentioned products.
If you just want a transport the newer OPPO BDP-80 would probably work just as well plus save you a couple hundred dollars.
Why would you even consider a BD83 as strictly a redbook CD transport? Who has ever claimed the BD83 was a "giant killer" CD transport?
i am trviewing the oppo 83 se and will test its capabilities as a transport. i also have the ps audio pwt and pwd. i prefer the oppo to the pwt. i find the latter somewhat fatiguing in combination with the pwd. i have not compared it to the oppo using other dacs.
I agree with Buff and would add that the BD83 can be made into a good transport if the engineer designs the D/A around it like Exemplar.
This common discourse reminds me of the new at the time Sony 7700;thing. It was supposed to be the be all transport;going into a quality dac.(according to reviews) At that time I had the Theta Data 3 and their Gen 5a. I hooked up the 7700 using the same dig.cable to the 5a--- My conclusion was: only if your hearing is nil,could you not hear the difference a quality transport makes.While I'm pretty sure the BD83 is a "great for the money" and a great starter/entry level item. AND--as always---don't pay for what you can't hear and save money doing so.
That's what I figured, but it never hurts to check. The OPPO has gotten such great praise lately. And, surprise, it was good enough for Lexicon to sell for $3000.00 or so after they put their name on it. It makes you wonder if the new Levinson players selling for $10,000.00 or so are trying the same trick. Has anyone checked under the hood?
Use your laptop as a CD player to better computer CD/DVD drives uoy need to spend $1500+ on a stand alone CD player, which will be sort of silly. So yes use your PC or Laptop drives for both music and movies.