Oppo as a pre/pro

I am seeking information from anyone who has real world experience using the Oppo 105D as a pre/pro . Discussions with tech support have stated that there 'may' be volume control issues as well as noise in the circuitry that can not be alleviated by changing out the volume control unit itself .
I would like to use the Oppo directly into a Rotel 1095 amp .

Thank You
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I've stumbled upon several of your posts; they mostly seem snarky, nasty, not at all kind or helpful. Why don't you just keep the attitude to yourself, find another way to impart your wisdom in all things audio?
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I used my Oppo 105 as a processor until I bought a Cary Cinema 12 to get DSD surround from my Sony XA5400ES that is available only via HDMI. A DirecTV Genie connects via HDMI to the 105. The 105 is perfectly adequate for this use, although the Cary Cary seems to be bit better at surround and bass management. Many folks claim a direct connection between their Oppo 105 and amp sounds better to them. I still use my Oppo 95 as a processor in a secondary setup. If you have multiple sources, you will need a preamp, processor, or some sort of switch.

I didn't like the volume on the oppo. It worked and the sound was ok but it was very hard to make volume adjustments on the fly. Even buying a creek makes it easier.
Also, remember that many pre-amps will have some gain to their system. The oppo does not. You may end up using a lot more of the power amp to compensate which leads to many other issues.

Mikirob, I like your use of snarky! Personally I would have use the male body part to describe his posts...
Dbphd ;
That is sort of where I am at . The Oppo would be my only source as this set up is strictly for HT use .
Can you elaborate about the surround and bass management issues that you encountered ?
Thank you .

Anyone else ?
I have had a 105 for over a year. Used it as a source, as a Dac with a separate transport and PC and as a preamp. I have several friends that use the 105 as pre/pros in secondary systems. For me, the 105 on it's own falls short but with a stereo tube buffer between it and the stereo pre/amp does a remarkable job of selling the music as if it was coming from real people and real instruments in real space. Does so better than my (now sold) all Krell HT did. The 105 with a buffer seems to yield the strengths of digital and of tubes without their weaknesses. Lot's of paths in this audio world. Enjoy, be patient and best of luck!
Saki70 asks: "Can you elaborate about the surround and bass management issues that you encountered."

No issues, the Cary surround just sounds smoother and the Cary more frequently invokes the subs. That may be because the Cary permits setting sub crossover for each speaker individually. I'm aware the subs are on only when the blue light is illuminated. I never want to hear them as such.

I have never used the volume control of either my Oppo 95 or 105. Instead, I use a Logitech Harmony One remote that controls the volume of either the Oppos or Cary well.

Ok , thank you to all .

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Saki give it a try and let your own ears tell you if it is better or worse.