Oppo analog question

I am interested in the new Oppo 95 player and already own a 980H and a 981HD. I am concerned about the company now because I have had issues with the 980 in particular. I hooked up the analog 7.1 on the 980 for my multi-channel SACD's this summer but got no sound from it. I emailed tech support and the response was (this is a quote):

HDMI is always the recommended connection for audio. HDMI is the only output which supports SACD DSD on the DV-980H, and DVD-Audio will sound better with HDMI as your receiver will be able to do all the audio processing in the digital domain.
Analog should only be used in systems which lack HDMI.
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I have never heard this before. Is that how I'd have to hook up 95 univ.player - just hdmi?
I have a 95 hooked up to my pre (Parasound) via the 7.1 (and the digital) and have no problems with this connection. I am not familiar with the setup on the 980, however on the 95 there is a whole setup menu for the 7.1 analog outs; in fact they have even improved the flexibility of this recently with upgraded software.
Curious response. How have you configured the setup menus in the 980H?

I have used the 980H, 83, 83SE and the 95 with both the multichannel analog outputs the HDMI outputs without any issues. Of course, I do agree that HDMI is preferable if you have the appropriate ancillary equipment.

Yes...that's true of my Panasonic BluRay as well. Without HDMI, the sound is disappointing. Dialogue is squashed and difficult to understand no matter how loudly the volume control is increased. I either have to get an HDMI input, or learn to lip read.
Ummmm....as an owner of the 980H,83 and 83SE I always thought 2-ch analog was excellent (especially on the 83SE). I always had an issue with multi-channel and bass, but I believe that to be the fault of my pre-pro (outlaw 970). That said, as long as you pre-pro has a good analog stage(as the outlaw does), the analog out can be good (980H) to stellar (83SE).

BUT, it is SO much easier to deal with just one HDMI cable. I cannot really compare the two since my new pre-pro (Integra DTC 9.8) has a terrible analog stage, but, digital performance is great.
Thanks for the comments. I actually use the hdmi - simple and just one cable, but thought 7.1 analog would make my multi- channel sacd's and dvd-a's really shine. I believe after much testing that the analog outs are not working and have read where one person experienced this, but it was new and they replaced his. I never tried the analog outs until this summer when I was re-connecting things. I use a Denon 4310 receiver and maybe it w not resolve that well anyway, but sure thought analog would be best for my hi-rez discs. So, next question: if I get the 95 player, can I hook up both hdmi and the analog outs and just use menus in the oppo to switch between hdmi for plain dvd playing and analog 7.1 when listening yo hi rez m/c discs? Will my denon likely let me appreciate the quality of the 95 unit until I may someday get a better pre/pro separates setup? Thanks in advance for your insights. I would just love to maximize my listening experience.
1. No, you cannot switch in the Oppo since all the outputs are simultaneously active. OTOH, you can switch between the inputs in the Denon.
2. Why are you so intent on using the analog output from the Oppo? IMHO, the only reason for doing this is if you have a superb analog preamp.

I must agree with Kal on this one.
As I stated, the analog stage on my Outlaw is much better than on my Integra. The Integra has HDMI, Audyssey, and can process DSD directly.

Yet on my Integra, the analog out from the Oppo would sound terrible compared to the Outlaw since the analog section is so weak on the Integra.

No matter since I am using HDMI, but this is a case where clearly you would not want to go analog.

Thanks, Kal and Mark. I think I have a certain amount of ignorance here and somehow remember on my older Oppo that the analog connection sounded good, but that was before hdmi. If using the hdmi doesn't compromise the sound quality, and it must not, then that is not only a good choice, but a simple one. My Denon 4310 is a good sounding receiver, to my ears, but definitely not superb. So, final question and I promise I will let you guys move on to more important concerns: Given that I do use "just" a receiver and a 7.1 channel Axiom speaker setup, do you think the 95 will sound better than my older Oppo - doesn't even have to be "substantially" at this point since I could consolidate and send my Samsung BD player and older Oppo to my living room and use the 95 for hi-rez discs and Blu- ray. But I would like to feel I upped my music listening quality. Sure seems like the internals of the 95 would create better sound. Thanks again for your help.