Oppo 980H setup and use

I am considering buying an OPPO 980H for audio purposes exclusively because I do not have a TV, nor do I intend on getting one. However, I have heard that you have to set it up on the TV screen and you cannot do it otherwise. Is this true, or can I still set it up without a TV?
A TV is useful. Get yourself a small cheap TV dedicated to setup. A 13" will generally be cheaper than a 9" (strange but true). Mine cost $79 at Best Buy.
It comes set up for 2 channel output/downmix and other defaults that will require you to use a monitor to reset them. You will not need it after that.

However, since the unit is so light and small, you can carry it to your current TV, connect it, fix the settings and then carry it to install where you wish.

Thanks for the input. Kr4, are you saying that it already comes set up for optimum two-channel audio? The only reason I would get the Oppo 980H is for audio and not for video at all for the next couple of years at least. With that said, I would have to buy or borrow a TV set to get it set up properly or not? Sorry if I did not understand completely.

Do you think that there is another budget CD player in that range that would be better for audio only? I kind of think that the OPPO is the best for the money according to forums and Stereophile magazine, whom I really respect.

If you plan on using the Oppo as a transport, be aware that the default setting for the coax digital output is RAW. You'll need to use the menu setting to change it to PCM if you plan to use an external DAC.
I wish someone would manufacture a small, cheap, LCD monitor that could be used just for this purpose!
Just a suggestion for those looking for a cheap TV set to use as a monitor.

Check your local Craigslist, under the Electronics category. Here in the NE Ohio area there are 13" sets for sale for $20 or less every day. Just be sure it has at least one RCA video in jack (most do).
If you have a computer, you could use that with an interface. Manny available. I would come in handy for other things. Or buy one at Compusa and then take it back .
Peter_s: I wish someone would manufacture a small, cheap, LCD monitor that could be used just for this purpose!

I use a 5" LCD derived from the automobile A/V lines. Cost me $60.

Kal - thanks, that's just what I was wondering about. Could you please elaborate. A link, a few key words, or more info about what will/won't work would be great.

Thanks, Peter
The best standard source is http://www.mp3playerstore.com/stuff_you_need/special/

I got mine as a close-out from Target who generally has good deals on the shelves for this.