Oppo 95 worth the up grade from Oppo 83 SE?

I run all analog bypass including 2 channel stereo.
I see a lot of Oppo 83 SE's have been up for sale and I'm thinking lot of you people have upgraded to the Oppo 95 so what is the general feedback?
The 95 is definitely better on analog than the 83 SE (I've owned both and a 93 as well)
Our club in San Antonio on Nov 12 is doing a comparison of the 83, 83se 93 and 95. I will post results
My friend has a 83se and it is very good. The 95 is supposed to be better. We shall see
My friend has an 83SE. When I heard it as a stand alone unit on digital playback in my system it got me on the search to upgrade my digital source. I ended up purchasing a 95. There was no need to do a side by side comparison between the two, from the first time it was played it was quite obvious that the 95 is better, more refined and definitely a better bottom end. The 83SE is more polite by comparison. I had also heard the 95 in two separate systems, quite unfamiliar to me at the time, and this also motivated me when compared to a few other digital sources unfamiliar but older and originally more expensive than the OPPO. Of course a few folks did not concur but it was apparent enough to me to purchase the unit for both its analog out and generally great value considering all the features it offers.

Certified anti-FAN fan, advocate for plug in and play components, lover of no PC near dedicated audio setup. I'm a Dino-phile and OK with it (c:

If you use players (or any component for that matter) with fan(s) in a near field setup it may not be so splendorous. I know some say "never hear the fan". My experience has been different - and yes I've owned several of the latter model Oppo's and plenty of other components with fans, and oy vay don't even get me started about the firmware update tango.
I have the Oppo 95 and 83 SE,dead quiet and there two feet behind me,nudda peep,whirring,nothing.
Pc's that's another matter.
Good Morning folks

I'm curious about the BDP-83SE to BDP 95 comparison as well. I keep wondering if the expenditure of upgrading to the BDP-95 just for the 2 channel section alone is worth it. I have the BDP-83SE pulling double duty for movies and music and have no problems with it picture wise or sound wise for either HT or 2 Channel. It does the job I need it to do with no issues.

Regarding the fan noise in the Oppos. I've never had the fan turn on with my Oppo BDP-83SE. I've had it on for hours and the fan never turned on. If you have the fan turning on then the player may not have adequate ventilation.
My comments here: http://www.stereophile.com/content/music-round-50-0
I just bought the 83 SE . To me the picture is great but the audio is crap. Hooked it up first running through my dac Von Gaylord and the sound was amazing . watched avatar and was spellbound wow. Just for fun unhooked the dac to see what it sounded like crap. I guess i am spoiled. My last oppo was the 971H and it has been a great player running it through the dac. Thanks Steve
I own both a 83SE and a 95. I sold a Perfectwave DAC to pick up a BDP95.

Both units sounded like crap until some hours were on them. No surprise there.

So I waited till the ~500 hour mark before I made a direct comparison.

It's not a really a fair AB - 83SE vs 95 because my 83SE is modded, not a major mod but better than your average SE so take this short assessment with a grain of salt.

System was warmed up and both players where using a Allnic L3000 preamp mated to a Pass X350.0 driving Tylers D1's.

I was able to use a remote and switch between the 2 Oppo's but had to adjust volume to match. It was painful. The difference wasn't obvious until one really settled in and listened intently.

What I came away with was this; the modded SE has a slightly more open top end. Call it a bit more air or, depending on material, more noise. It was really hard to assess honestly. The 95 had a bit better lower end but I swear the 83SE went lower. I really need to revisit, perhaps listening to B-Tribe for that bass response

I still have both units sitting in my rack and ready to play. This weekend I'll employ my wife (great ears - she's nuts too) and my Dad (93 year old ears)to access their preferences.

What came out of this comparison?

Probably nothing useful to the poster (or anyone else) due to my modestly modded 83SE. So in my own opinion I'll call it a draw. I love the look of the 95 and its build quality. The 83 looks cheap by comparison and that means something to me. I manage to slave my mind purposely forgetting what input was on what player in order to not waste MY OWN TIME :)!

I wish there was more of a clear winner but what else I may have learned was this. I need to get my 95 a similar set of mods. Why not?

My 2 cents

Would you PM me the modder you used.

Well I up graded to the Oppo BDP 95 and right out of the box it was better than the Oppo BDP 83. You have to consider the 83 was all broken in and the 95 didn't have 5 minutes on it.(I run all analog through the unit) Bigger sound stage, better bottom end. I would also like to point out that I have not had any issues with the CD mat at all compared to to oppo 83 as mentioned in another thread.
any input on the new OPPO 105??

I have two 83s, my friend has an 83 se, which was much more smooth, less grainy and more musical
our New Orleans audiophile club did a shoot out using 24/96 material

both have great video quality

he now has a 95 and moved the 83se to his family room

I have a 105 on the way, can't wait
I got my 105 the other day...Went up the chain from the BDP 93...What a glorious player...oodles better than my 93 ever was..Makes my Tyler Acoustic Woodmere II'2 sing with glory, and still burning it in too...

I just bought a bp 105 also.

Not only has the audio quality been enhanced, the video is incredible. Black levels and low light resolution make my Pioneer Kuro plasma look like it is on steroids

Looking to use the ehanced dac and input options to finally get into pc / music server type interface.

Don't hesitate this unit is steller
ahendler, did you ever post your results?