Oppo 95 vs Sony 5400/9000/777 who owned both?

I have a TRL modded Sony XA777ES that I have compared to some other modded players and DACs in the same price range. However I thought of downsizing and I have read that an Oppo95 sounds as good as a Sony 5400/9000/777 series. Anybody have or had both?
Yes, the Oppo95 is better then the 5400, and 777. I purchased the 95 and found it sounded better then the 5400, which I sold off. I kept the 777 as it sounded better then the 5400. Made a few bucks in doing so. If you have a 5400 it is easy to try the 95 since it has a great return policy.
How is trading a one-box player for another one-box player downsizing? Are you expecting to get over $1K for your modded Sony 777 and pocket the cash?
I have a Denon DVD-A 3300 for DVDs and the TRL modded Sony 777 for redbook & SACD. So only one shelf instead of 2.
I have tested my 777 with my friends Audio Research DAC 7 and I was surprised how well the TRL 777 did. The DAC 7 had a very slight edge in smoothness but no difference in detail, air, soundstage etc. So I got the bug to maybe change up the system and rack, and possibly one less shelf.
I have owned both the 95 (still own) and the 5400ES and found they are different but IMHO neither is substantially "better" than the other although I would give the 95 the edge. I kept the 95 as it plays everything.

I also owned the older XA-9000ES prior to the 5400 and felt the 5400 was better.

As to how they perform against a modded player only you can tell, as suggested order the 95 and return if it doesn't displace the TRL unit you have.

I owned a "Kerned" Sony 333ES over 10 years ago (I believe that it was the first 333ES that Richard worked on) so I can attest to the benefits (at least to me) of what mods can bring to the table. With that said IMHO I don't believe one gets the value of the mods out of the player when one goes to sell it so I don't know how much cash you would end up with in your pocket if that is your desired outcome...
If user is OK with a fan in their one-box and a screen to make menu changes than 1K Oppo may scratch the itch until the inevitable "want to buy something else" assuredly arrives. At least this addiction helps the manufacturers, retailers and publishers put food on their tables.
Thank you for the input. I'll have to find an Oppo dealer and give it a try. At least I know it's in the same ballpark.