Oppo 95 vs Cambridge Audio Azur 751

I have an Oppo 95 player and I've noticed listening in the upper high frequencies a static sound to the music or even movie playing at moderate to loud listening levels. Has anyone experienced this and is this sound a characteristic of the ESS chip technology? I am looking to maybe move to a Cambridge Audio Azur 751 player. What are the differences in the sound between the two of these high end players. I am 55/45 movies/music listening. THX in advance.
My local Hi-fi shop claims, in their servicing experience, the Cambridge models are more easily serviceable if anything goes wrong. Apparently they see more Oppo than Cambridge, but that might not indicate anything of note.
If there is ever a problem with your Oppo send it to them as they have quick turn around and are known for servicing there products out of warranty! I'm not sure why you would send it to another repair shop! contact Oppo!
I have the Cambridge and don't experience any static with my player. I love it, no complaints as of yet and have had it for nearly 9 month. It is dead silent.

As for the difference in sound between the two players, I couldn't tell you as I have never heard the Oppo.