Oppo 95 vs. Bryston Bdp1/Bda1

I've just placed my order on a Bryston Bdp1/Bda1 combo, but I think I've made a mistake...
Will I be getting a better sound than with my Oppo player and an extrrnal HDD via the eSata input?
Impossible to know until you have heard both in your system with your tastes. Anyone who suggests otherwise is just speculating. Trust yourself!
You've already shelled out big bucks for the Bryston combo. It would cost you a fraction of that to try the alternative. Go ahead and try. If it compares well to the Bryston then send the Bryston back or resell it.
If you prefer the Bryston then you can use the HD with either it or the Oppo.
In the right system, the OPPO will match or exceed the BDP-1.

I have spend a lot of time comparing.

However, the GUI is not as friendly to use, so you need to consider that.