Oppo 95-Integra 80.3 connection

Am replacing my low end Sony DVD player....
When hooking up an Oppo 95 to an Integra 80.3 which connections will yield the best audio...
1. HDMI out of Oppo into the 80.3 and let integra handle audio and video
2. HDMI out of Oppo for into Integra for video. RCA outs from Oppo to RCA ins on Integra for 7 channel audio
3. XLR outs from Oppo to XLR ins on Integra for 2 channel audio for listening to FLAC files or audio CD...

the rest of the system is:
Sunfire 7 channel amp
Sunfire sub
Revel Performa M22 LR C32 Center S20 surrounds..

All comments appreciated...
My opinion is to use HDMI and let the Integra handle. If its not the 95SE even oppo says to use the HDMI. You will be glad you did and you benefit from the integra's bass management and room correction
2 or 3 but definitely not 1. The bdp 95 has a saber 32 dac, why would you want to bypass it? If you insist then down grade to the bdp93 and save nearly half the cost.
So Kal:

Given that, in your opinion Item 1 was optimal, should the OP just get an Oppo 93?

There is another option.

Get an oppo 93 instead of 95, connect its HDMI1 to TV, connect its HDMI2 to the Integra 80.3 for audio.
Internetmin, what is the "95SE"? Didn't know there was such an animal.
For Item 1, the 93 is equally good.
is the reason for not using the DAC in the Oppo 95 and going analog into the integra because the integra would be the weak link???

thanks for all the responses
is the reason for not using the DAC in the Oppo 95 and going analog into the integra because the integra would be the weak link???

It is that the HDMI input permits one to take advantage of the superior bass/channel management in the Integra as well as the Audyssey MultEQ XT32. These make bigger differences than those among various DACs.

thanks for the clarification...seems like the 93 might be enough for my application...leaves 500 for something else...
Dopogue, sorry, I was thinking of the Oppo BDP 83, which had an SE upgrade! Forgot that the 95 was the model with the upgraded DACs on the analog output stage.
The stereo outputs of the BDP-95 have the best DAC setup. The multichannel isn't different enough to warrant using the multi outs. Use HDMI for movies. Connect XLR for stereo sources. You can use bass management and room correction on the 80.3 if you choose to by using the stereo DSP Mode, if you want to bypass it just switch to Direct mode.
Just picked up an Oppo 95 hooked up to the Anthem D2. Hooked up via HDMI, and using the bass/channel management built into the D2 along with the ARC room correction.

I haven't tried the analog connection - but it sounds great on 5.1 SACDs hooked up this way.
So why did you get a '95 instead of a '93 if you're not using the analog outputs?
I also have an Integra 40.2!and a Oppo bdp 95. For blu-ray movie I use hdmi, for multichannel music or SACD I use the analog multichannel, and for just stereo listening, I use the stereo out of the Oppo.