Oppo 93 vs. regular CD player?

Ok, I need to send in my Cambridge Audio 840C for a repair. I dont want to go without sounds for the month it is out so I am thinking about a backup player. It would do duty later as a second system player or could be a universal player too. I dont watch lots of DVDs but once in a while my wife will. So we were looking at a Blue Ray player anyway...just a regular $125 COSTCo item. Question is is the audio section on the Oppo 93 good enough that it will be a good backup CD player in a second system? Or should I just buy another CA player like a 650c which is $500 now at Audio Advisor or maybe one of the Marantz players that has gotten good reviews? Buying separte CD and DVD players comes out close to the same.
I'd consider the OPPO 93 with different playback capabilities and DAC's for comparison. I have a OPPO 981 HD. It's very acceptable for video and multi-channel music/videos. It's not as detailed as my Proceed PDT-3 transport sound quality for standard non-multichannel music recordings. OPPO has a great service department in my experiences. The 93 is well-regarded by many. If your pro has balanced analog L/R main inputs with analog pass-through, I'd look at the newer OPPO 95.
Another idea: I just bought a $129 Sony blue ray player that also does SACD as well the usual. Great picture on regular DVD's upscaled. Plus I use the digital coax audio out direct to my Ayon CD5s DAC/preamp section, thereby bypassing the Sony's DAC and just using the Sony as a transport on audio. I am getting really nice sound doing this - much better than the RCA analogue out.