Oppo 93 vs 95 as HDMI transport

I currently bought a NAD M51 DAC and would like to try out HDMI input. Is there any different between the Oppo 93 vs 95 as tranport feeding HDMI to the M51? All goodies of 95 are in the DAC section and output stage which I will not use - Please post your comment
The only difference which might be important is the different amps. The 95 has toroidal transformer, vs 93 switching amp. In my experience, the oppos are quite sensitive on power supply improvements. i have tried the modd'd ones. For some reason the digital outs improved on the Oppo when the power supply was improved...i'm no techie.

Otherwise, i [believe] you are right...most of the upgrading appears to be in the DAC and analogue output section. here is the comparison from their website.

Lloyd, I think you mean the power supplies. Although important for all signals, the power supply is more important for the output stage quality than the digital output through HDMI, IMHO. I have the 93, and use only its digital outputs for serious listening and viewing. No complaints.
Yes Bondmanp, you are right...i meant power supplies. I have the older 83 model and it seems more finicky than the newer models i am told. i may go with newer model myself as the 83 is starting to break. thanks for the advice!
If you search the web, you will see that the 93 & 95 use the same transport, which was redesigned from the ground up, completely different than the disc mechanism in the 83. AFAIK, the disc mechanism will be retained from the 93/95 to the 103/105.