Oppo 83SE Analog Setup

Does anybody know what the difference is in the Oppo 83SE when the surround speakers are changed from small to large? I change the setting to large and it seems better. What is thr down side? Does it change the crossover point for the sub? I am using the Oppo 83SE with analog outs. I now have a Bel Canto Pre6 GenII I am using. I am trying to figure out the best setting for the Oppo using it with the Pre6. I have the Oppo 83SE set to 5.1 and I am using Revel M20 speakers with 2 Revel B15a subs.
Setting the surround (or any) speakers to large eliminates the crossover and sends a full-range signal to the speaker instead of diverting bass to the subwoofer.

"Best" is subjective and situational. With M20s, potent but small speakers, and a pair of B15s, I would prefer to set them as small but the crossover/bass management in the Oppo is primitive. That is the major problem with going analog.

You are right. I was using the large setting with an old movie without a lot of subwoofer effects. I think the large setting is better with these old movies and shows like Big Bang Theory. With movies like Star Trek it needs to be set to small to enable the subwoofer. I may have to switch back and forth. I wonder if we could talk Oppo into a varaible crossover. A variable crossover sure would be neat in the BlueRay player and it would solve this problem. I love the sound out of the Bel Canto Pre6 gen II for movies.
What you need is a processor. :-)

I had read somewhere recently the bm was to be revised via a fw update...we'll see. Currently I believe it is set at 80hz when all spkrs are set to small. Some users wanted more flexibility and it got Oppo's attention according to an article I read...Audioholics I think...not sure. Nonetheless, Oppo are pretty good about giving the people what they want/need.
I have read that, too, and I have also read that Oppo believe that MediaTek (who makes the unit) has not placed a high priority on that issue.