Can anyone tell me where the AC Fuse is located in an OPPO 83SE and what the value of that fuse is? Also, besides the AC Fuse, are there other fuses in the OPPO 83SE?

I've looked at the pictures of the boards & etc. but I don't see any fuses. I'm buying a player that's based on the OPPO and want to install HIFI Tuning fuses before I hook it up.

I tried to do the same thing with my Oppo 83. I popped the hood and found the fuse located near where the power cord goes in. It was in a fuse holder that seemed complicated to get the fuse released. I'm no expert with electronics, so it wouldn't take much for me to think it was complicated. I ended up just leaving it alone.

I would contact Oppo and ask for the fuse size and for guidance.

All this may be a mute point because you said you were buying a player "based on the Oppo". What's the name of the player you are buying?
Ernday, thanks for your response. I'm buying a Theta Compli Blu to replace my Theta Compli. You make a good point because the OPPO 83 comes with a 2 prong IEC and the Compli Blu uses a 3 prong IEC. I guess I'll have to wait for it to arrive to answer my question.

Thanks Again.
How do you like the Blu compared to the earlier Compli? I have an older Compli on the way.

The Compli Blu I purchased was factory upgraded with the OPPO SE83 boards so I have the best of both worlds… the stacked chips and Theta’s power supply. Lots more detail, and separation. The video as you would expect is a lot better.