Oppo 83 SE having trouble with cd mat on blu-ray

Hi, does any body else have this problem? I love it with cd and DVD play back but blu-ray dics skips makes noise sounds like its grinding.
Any info would be greatly appreciated
Don't use the mat.
Yup Don't use the mat.
If you didn't take heed to the last two post, chime in when you have to get it out of the player while saying to yourself "I should have listened"! Trust me on this one.
Not sure if it's the same transport, or a simular one as used in earlier Theta Digital Carmen 2's and/or Compli's...but I have owned both of the above. Drawer is shallow, and all the mats I have tried do the same thing with cd's and dvd's. Neither of the 2 Theta transports previously mentioned are blu-ray players, but I mention this only because I believe that Theta sourced, (then modified), it's drawer mechanisms from Oppo. At least in the last 6 or 7 years, or so I understand. Somebody please set things straight for the record if this is incorrect...but I never had any issues with earlier Theta Digital cd only transports (Basic and Basic 2), but my Carmen 2 and my Compli both prevent the use of mats and get jammed up, make noise, and generally cause all sorts of hell. Contact Theta Digital in Los Angeles and see what they have to say. Just thought I'de share. Good luck to you Tropicalpests.
The 83SE won't even accommodate the superthin "Black Hole" mat from Herbie's. I tried it ... once.
I have had both the Theta Carmen II and now the Oppo 83 SE. The Theta Transport is from Pioneer and not Oppo.
Merry Christmas to all you fellow Audiogoners.. Thanks Mds for clarifying the Theta/Oppo thing. I had been under the impression, and told by several Audiophile (expert-wanna-be?) friends that later Theta transport designs were modified Oppo transport mechanisms. I took them at their word. I claim to be no expert in the matter. However, if the OP (Tropicalpests) has had issues with the use of aftermarket "mats", as I have with both my Carmen2 and my Compli, it makes me wonder if the shallowness of the drawer could be the culprit? My earlier Theta Basic and Basic2 transports had considerably larger drawer assemblies that sported much deeper "wells" (for lack of a better description) and posed no problems ever with the use of ANY mat. Such is not the case with the Carmen2 or the Compli. Neither of which safely allow the use of any mat. At least not in my experience. As you know, the drawer assembly is much more streamlined and shallower and doesn't allow for much more then the CD, DVD, and SACD. Which is kind of a bummer since I really liked what certian mats did for the sound. Namely the Audioprism "Blacklight" and the Marigo Labs "3D Signature Stabilizer" mat. Both worked very well in my given set-up and seemed to focus and "tighten-up" the digital presentation. There was an immediate and noticeable improvment. But those dics only add to the thickness of the CD they sit on top of. Of course you all know this already. That causes a grinding, or rubbing sound, often times jamming up disc as it was in play. Not to mention ejecting the disc when opening up the drawer. A risk that is just not worth taking as I'm sure you'll agree, so sans add on after market mats and discs. Too bad, because I think they do a good job. I have heard from other folks that also happens on Oppo transports.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Theta says the same thing other posters to this thread have...don't use the discs. Damn!
Season's Greetings to all.

Here is the CD Mat review thread where I posted some issues I was having with my CD Mat. There was a nice solution provided by a helpful Audiogoner mentioned in the thread.


I currently use my CD Mat with Blu Rays as well as CDs with no problem now in my Oppo BDP-83SE.