oppo 83/integra 9.8/720 projector

will there be any diff in pic quality running oppo 83
a. into integra 9.8 with component and from integra to panasonic ax2000 (720p) via component
b. into integra 9.8 with hdmi and from integra to panasonic ax2000 (720p) using either owlink or 100 ft hdmi run

just not sure it will make diff b/c proector is 720p-if no diff will not waste time trying to deliver 1080 signal to projector

thanks in advance
Should not be any difference as component will carry the 1080p from bluray to your pj and then pj will redo everything to its native rez. Why 100 ft? that may be deciding factor...hdmi is not happy at those lengths. Thinking about upgrading pj?
I am not 100% sure but I believe if you use the HDMI output of the Oppo into your Integra you can setup the Oppo for DSD direct (pure) mode which should give you better sounding audio.
Blu-ray 1080p must be sent by HDMI (component will carry 1080p, but I think it isn't allowed by Blu-ray specs).

However, it seems the smart thing do do would be to make the long run with HDMI, in case you someday upgrade to a 1080p projector. Supposedly, you can make very long runs (>100 feet) with good quality HDMI cables, even though most/all cables are technically certified for much shorter runs.

Regarding video quality, it seems that you will get your best results by sending your PJ video at its native resolution, in this case 720p.

You will need to figure wether the Oppo or the Integra does this better.