Oppo 83 and Nht controller...bananas

So I have an 83...and Controller which has the last fw they did/Nht/Vinci labs. This, according to Nht tech, brought the controller up to hdmi 1.2 Ok. I set the 83 to pcm the hdmi audio and when I play multich sources the prepro is defaulting to 2ch...what gives. Now, if I set the 83 to hdmi audio Bitstream...I get all channels of music if it is in fact a multi-ch cd, etc.

Problem is that I want the 83 to do the decoding/processing within and then send it to my prepro b/c the prepro does not do hirez codecs like br's have. I have used the analog outs as well and it sounds great for movies but I loose the bass management abilities of the prepro in the analog stage. So analog is great for movies, 2ch music (or 2.1). Guess I'll just have to live with it or suggestions besides upgrade to a 1.3 prepro/recvr?
The nht controller has analog bass management. It depends on your speaker setup. If you choose small you get a fixed 80hz crossover. Not selectable, but it is there.
Yes, thanks. I understand regardless of which spkrs are set to small the 83 sends freqs 80hz and below to a sub from the spkrs set as small. If I set mains as large and others spkrs as small then the mains will get full range not including the .1/LFE channel which is discrete...correct? ...and the spkrs set to small will basically get 80hz and higher.
Leave the oppo set at full range across the board. Only use the small setting on your NHT controller. You don't need both the player & the preamp doing crossover duties.

The .1/LFE channel is discrete. as long as you say you have a subwoofer, your .1 /LFE information will be directed to that channel. If you way you don't have a subwoofer, it will be directed towards your L&F mains (if they are large).

And, yes, set to small, the small speakers are crossed over at 80hz (the NHT controller & the OPPO both have this fixed, THX endorsed, crossover point, but as I said earlier, you don't want both the player & the preamp doing crossover duties, so leave the player on large and let the preamp do the small)
Ixt...thanks. I have oppo83 set to all large...sub yes. I can choose either large, medium, small via the prepro. I set mains to medium, center to small, and surr to small. I then can choose independent xover freqs for any spkr set to med or small. I chose 45hz for medium(mains) and 65hz for smal(surr and center)l. My center and surrounds, set as small, are spec'd at 60hz and 45hz respectively. Surr spkrs are large 8inch 3 tweeter in-ceiling nht's. They go low though not sure how low surround signal/effects go so I just set the xover to the centers lower limit of 65hz as stated. My mains can go much lower than 45...well in to the 30's with ease. Mains are Classic 4's with biamped woofers. I like the blend of them handling things down in the 40's and everything else in the 60's. I have never liked everything set to small and only using down to 80hz. It just does not sound as good/full as when I have it setup like explained with lower xover points. I'm hoping with a fw update the oppo83 will enable users to choose different xover points. this is supposed to be in the works.