I'd like to upgrade from my current  Oppo 105 to the 205 but need advice on whether there are functions the 105 does that the 205 cannot.  I'm basically just looking to upgrade from the 1080p video playback of the 105 to the 4K playback of the 205 while still having all of the audio capabilities I currently use on the 105 
     I currently use the 105 in a combination 2-ch music and 5.1 surround ht audio system.  For video I have a 65" Panasonic plasma that is 1080p but wanted the 205 just in case I purchase a 4K OLED hdtv in the near future.  The 4K and high contrast color are really the only reasons I'm considering upgrading to the 205.
     But my questions are all concerned with the 205's audio capabilities:

1.  Can I connect the 205 to my Xfinity cable wi-fi router/modem via an rs43 ethernet cable just like the 105?
     My main 2-ch music source is a 2TB NAS, also connected to my wi-fi router/modem via ethernet,  that contains my entire 16/44 CD collection and a growing number of 24/96 hi-res music files. The NAS  only contains audio files, no video files.  I use a wireless laptop running JRiver Media Center to select the music file to play.  All is functioning flawlessly and just want to make sure swapping in the 205 via ethernet will work the same way.  I understand the 205 has the latest top of line Saber dac chips that are likely an improvement over the 105's Saber 9018 chips.  

2.  Can I send internet music files (currently only Spotify but likely others in the future)  to the 205 from my laptop for use as a digital streaming playback device utilizing its internal dacs just like the 105?  

3.  Can I connect the 205 directly to my amps as I currently do with the 105?  If so, does it have dedicated XLR l+r stereo outputs and rca outputs for the surround channels just like the 105?

4.  What would you do: be content with the 1080p Oppo 105 and Panasonic 1080p plasma that are functioning very well or upgrade to a 4K Oppo 205 and 4K OLED both with improved color capacity?

5.  Are there any other significant differences between the 105 and 205 that you think I should be aware of?

     I understand the 205 is currently in short supply but know that Oppo is planning on 1 final production run of the  205 before bowing out of the market. I did signup on the Oppo website fairly early for notification of future availability.  I really want to avoid buying one of the currently still available 205s, but at significantly increased prices, if I can.  I'm going to ask Oppo if I can reserve one of the final run units if I prepay.

Thanks in advance for your assistance,

I'll toss in what I know.  In comparison between the 105 and 205 series, the 205 series loses the following items:

- 205 will not support streaming services (Netflix, VUDU, Picassa, CinemaNow, Film Fresh, Youtube, Pandora, Rhapsode).  They are getting out of the streaming business, so the 205 will not stream directly from these services by itself.  If you do have another device to stream (such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, laptop, etc.), you can stream the content and send it to the 205 using HDMI, coax digital, toslink (and possibly USB input).

-205 does not include DARBEE processing.  Darbee is an image enhancement DSP process.  If you play hi-def 1080p mostly, it may make a very tiny improvement in video quality.  Darbee will excel in improvement image quality of low-resolution 480i DVD type sources.

-205 has a power supply about 2/3rd the size of 105.  I suspect the power supply was reduced in size because the digital board no longer needed the DSP required for Darbee and streaming services.

Now the "positives" for the 205

- Supports 4K video (if you need it).

- Appears to have an improvement in analog audio quality due to the newer Sabre DACs used and they design/layout of the analog boards.

I'm sure others will chime in with their observations.  In the end, I think it depends if you feel you need 4K and the improved audio quality, and are fine with losing those couple features.

I believe the 205 loses Gracenote too, which I find incredibly convenient. 
Hello auxinput and esthios13,

     Very helpful info, thanks a lot.
     I saw the picture quality of the latest 4K 65" LG B7 OLED paired with an Oppo 205 at a local a/v store and was very impressed. My thought is that It's kind of a mixed bag. At my viewing distance of 12-14 ft, I think the HDR10 and Dolby Vision improved color may be more obviously an improvement to me than the 4K. Not having Darbee and the streaming capabilities is fine with me. I currently own the 105, not the 105D with Darbee,
     Without hearing music files through the 205 and the upgraded Saber dac chips in my system, it's not possible to have a worthwhile opinion right now about how it compares to the Saber 9018 dac chips in the 105. 
     After just rethinking the wisdom and benefits of spending thousands for the 205 and a 4K OLED hdtv, I realized I currently don't actually have a strong perceived need to improve the audio or the video performance of my system. I think my current thinking is best described as firmly straddling the fence with an existing 1080p A/V system that is performing at a high level on one side and the prospect of an exciting and new 4K A/V system. with HDR10 and Dolby Vision for improved colors and possibly somewhat improved audio performance on the other side. 
     Like most of us, I'm easily enticed by things that are new, exciting and a bit different from what we have and become accustomed to.  This human tendency may explain the lure of system changes as well as extramarital affairs.
Get a 203 in addition to your 105D.
Hi junzhang10,

     Just to be clear, I own the 105, not the 105D. 
    Getting the 203 may be a good option if I can verify proper hookup to my 105 and future OLED hdtv. Here's my current thinking about proper hookup:

1.  Connect my Xfinity cable box's HDMI output to the 203's HDMI input.

2. Connect the 203's HDMI main output to the OLED hdtv's main HDMI input.

3.  Connect the 203's HDMI 'Audio Only' output to the 105's main HDMI input.  This would allow the 105 to decode the audio codec and output the 5.1 analog channels to my amps/speakers.

     I believe this setup would allow 4K video playback of 4K discs, cable content and  Netflix from the cable box outputted to my 4K hdtv and audio playback of the same outputted to my 105.   

     Anyone disagree?

     However,  I'm starting to realize I may be better off just being satisfied with my 1080p 105 and plasma hdtv. I know the 4K is unlikely to be a significant improvement for me due to my 12-14 ft. viewing distance. The main benefits I'll perceive are improved colors with the new HDR10 and Dolby Vision mostly with future content. However, I'll be sacrificing audio quality and convenience by using the 205 unless I Jerry-rig some extra hardware to my system.
      So, I need to determine whether to spend about $3,000 on an Oppo 205, 65" LG B7 OLED hdtv and a Roku or similar device for improved color reproduction and keeping my current functionality with streaming music and video  OR    keep the $3K,remain satisfied with a 1080p 105 and plasma for another 5-10 yrs and await the next technological breakthroughs in audio/video reproduction.

    I'm seriously leaning toward the latter option right now.

Makes sense, Tim. 

I am still getting used to my system, having just had it set up maybe a month. I will have to do more comparing, but first impressions are that my old Theta Prime 3 is the equal, or better, 2 ch dac compared to the sabre/oppo of the 205. 

What that MAY indicate, is that the better dacs of the 205 to the 105 might not be that big a deal- since you COULD get better dacs elsewhere. 

I skipped a lot of TV's, went from my flat-screen tube TV to a 4k. Little Joe's jacket was blue, and it was getting pretty dark. Paid like about 550 for the new 60" 4k...

I know this: was watching Lord of the Rings on Hulu plus, and the wifi kept disconnecting, so I popped in the old DVD of the same, It was a MAJOR transformation. Picture was far, far better.playing a DVD through the Oppo 205 than what I was streaming from Hulu. 

Still learning. Waiting to hear from others that actually know what they are talking about. 
@basement - lol, people still continue to ask me "why do you still get blurays from Netflix instead of just streaming it?". lol. Because both the audio quality AND the video quality are compromised from streaming compression.  Even on hi-def content.
Hi basement and auxinput,

     I know the 105 uses Saber 9018 dac chips and the 205 uses Saber's newest and best dac chips.  Interesting that you think your older Theta Prime 3 dacs sound equal or better than the 205's.  Of course, there's more than just the dac chips used that determines the final sound quality.

     But I get your point.  Fortunately, I like the sound of my music files using the 105 as the dac.  I also notice there's a quieter background, more detail and greater dynamics when playing a Blu-ray disc compared to cable and streaming.  I was thinking the video differences may be less discernible to me due to the 105's video processing circuitry.
205 added MQA and 4K but delete the Netflix and Tidal app. I missed that.  But the 205 is the last Oppo player. The price stay the same as 105. So I decided to purchase one in addition to my 105D.
The 205 does show album art from CDs and the hi rez files i play thru  it, so I suspect it still has Gracenote.

I have 22,000 albums in hi rez on an 8 tb disc thru the 105 in and now the 205.   
205 definitely sounds better.  
205  also seems to be able to map all the files into Albums, Genre and Artists, where as the 105 seems to choke on that many Albums and i can only access the music thru the folders where they are stored.

I recently received a 205. I noticed an immediate improvement in sound quality over my 105D when I hooked it up for a BluRay concert in 5.1. It also sounds better than the 105D through the balanced stereo outputs though I only listened in 2 channel for a minute or two. I use a separate 2 channel system for CD's, SACD's, MQA and HiRes files.

I have my 105D connected to my 205 via the HDMI input on the 205. That way I can watch Netflix, Cable and You Tube since the 205 can't do it by itself. Picture quality is also an improvement for me now than I can connect to my 4K projector.

@mcgal,Would it be easy for you to introduce your 105 and 205 in the 2-channel system and compare the sound quality? Just checking. BTW, what is the disc player in your 2-channel system?
milpai, my HT system is down in the mancave and my 2 channel system is on the 1st floor so they are not physically close. My 2 channel system is a lot more expensive than my HT system so it is not a fair comparison to compare an Oppo which is an excellent universal player with my Esoteric K-01x which is an excellent dedicated 2 channel player.
I have a 105D and didn't buy the 205 on the first run because of the lack of some features, specifically the powered HDMI input on the front and the streaming capabilities.  Gracenote wasn't a deal breaker.  I was hoping OPPO would come out with a better version instead of quitting production.  I did get a 205 on the second run in case another manufacturer doesn't step up and fill the need for a high quality universal player.

I've run balanced cables from the stereo outputs of both to a pre amp for 2 channel comparison with SACDs.  With my old ears, the 205 sounds a little better, but not astoundingly better.  Album art shows up on some cd's, but not all.  Haven't Tried the video with 4K yet, but it's a nice picture on 1080p. I run my cable box HDMI out to the input on the back of the 105D and use the front HDMI input for ROKU and Firestick.  I run wireless headphones off the stereo RCA jacks.  That way, I don't have to turn on the amps to watch TV without disturbing others.  The 205 has more USB inputs.  I'm not sure what advantage that will be for me.
Hope this helps with your decision.