OPPO 205 set up questions

I just received my Oppo 205 and have a few questions about setting it up, and need information on some choices in the set up menu. I running it with a Marantz 8802A . I amusing the 7.1 and 2 channel analog connections via RCA to the 7.1 connections on my Marantz.. In the 7.1 configuration I am using the 2 channel analog outputs to the FR and FL of the 7.1 configuration. My questions are the following of which concern the choices in the set up menu:


1- I receive 5.1 for movies and SACD's but cannot receive any 7.1 for movies? Not sure if I dont have somethingset correctly in the Oppo.


2-HDMI AUTO FORMAT- choices LPCM, bitstream, Auto?  


3-STEREO SIGNAL-Front Left/Right or Down Mix Stereo    

     not sure what this is about? or really how and what it effects


4-HDMI SPECS--1080p, UHD24HZ, UHD or UHD HDR   (I set mine to UHD HDR on a non 4K TV)



I love the video and sound quality. I was really impressed and it blue away my Rotel 990 cd player and my Pioneer DV 47A SACD playerwhich were pretty decent stuff 20 years ago. OK I'm a little slow to catch up and replace my gear!!   thanks in advance for your advice.

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I just received my Oppo 205 and have a few questions about setting it up...

You would be well served to search this thread and/or post in the avsforum.

I have an Oppo udp -205 and was looking for the best way to connect my iPad or I phone to it to play music ?
Can iPad/iphone do Chromecast? If yes, then get a Chromecast audio, hook a optical "out" from Chromecast to optical "in" of Oppo and cast your music.
I Use Roon Audio to stream music t0 Oppo 205, Not sure on the 8802 for sound quality-DAC, Try using the HDMI via Bitstream, let the 8802 do its thing. Compare that the the analog outs on the Oppo.I found the Analog outs have a very nice warm sound sound, if find your DACs in the 8802 are too bright. You can do the same for movies. 
Why would you want to process the 5.1 twice by using the RCAs out of the Oppo to the Marantz?  Just use a hdmi from the Oppo to the Marantz and let the Marantz do the processing.  Its just HT,  for more serious stereo listening use a coax or optical from the Oppo digital out to the Marantz.

All your other questions are explained in the Oppo manual. You would be amazed if you just take the time to read it.
It should only be processed once if you do the analog outs on the Oppo, the recvr should just pass through and do volume control.

The HDMI out on the 205 has some very nice clocking features to reduce jitter iirc, the sound via this link is superior to coax or optical, depending on your recvrs dac of course. Optical is the worst of the three choices, as you have to convert the signal multiple times.
Lot of responses here. Agree HDMI to the marantz is the simplest for home theater.  For two channel, given the praise of oppo, you’d be smart to test out which sounds best to you, the HDMI with marantz doing the da conversion or using the analog outs from the oppo utilizing it’s D/A conversion.  Just go with what sounds best to you.  I have a 105D going into the same marantz and using Audioquest Mackenzie XLRs the bass is significantly cleaner than using the HDMI into marantz through audioquest diamond HDMI.  
1) you can receive 7.1 if only there’s 7.1 in the sound track and you have 7 speakers plus a sub hooked up
2) HDMI out - You choose bitstream if you want another component to do all the audio processing.. Choose LPCM if you want the OPPO to do the audio processing.. if you choose AUTO you’ll let the OPPO to chose which one for you..
3) down mix is when you have , for example, a 5.1 sound track and you want to play it in 2 channel stereo
4) UHD , you only can use this if your TV is UHD capable