OPPO 205 Help!

I thought I knew enough that setting up the Oppo 205 I just purchased would be a breeze. Anything but so far. 
I will be using the Oppo for SACD's cd's, Dish network and movies. Video needs to be sent to my flat screen and a Projector. I am using the 7.1 inputs so i can take advantage of the DAC's in the Oppo. I am trying to mate it with my Marantz AV8802A and it will not pass video thru the Marantz via the HDMI Main Out. If I go from the Oppo directly to my TV it works fine. But I can seem to integrate it in the Marantz. Ive contacted Oppo and they have contacted me but still no answers. By the way their customer service in response time has been great. I'd like to use my Marantz as I did prior to the OPPO, for switching sources. The picture and sound quality is superb. I can use a splitter sending the video from the Oppo to my TV and Projector, but didn't want to do that. If the video running thru the Marantz is compromised then I would go direct to my display. But I cant seem to get the Oppo to "HDMI" hand shake with the Marantz.  anyone else running the oppo thru their Preamp/receiver.  thanks in advance
i also posted this on another forum within Audiogon.
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If you look in the manual under "Hooking up to  AV receiver" (page 12)  it states several things about HDMI hookup and your receivers capabilities. Also it states that  " A receiver that supports audio input over HDMI is required"

Matt M

I have had challenges with handshake on my oppo 103.  You could try using the "HDMI Output (Audio Only)" port.  On my oppo, it will also send video.  The video is just not processed (i.e. scaled / color corrected / etc.)

It is most likely a 4K or HDR related handshake issue.

What brand of flat screen and projector are you using? 

Samsung mom 4k and Epson 1080p non 4 k. Last night finally got the hand shake! 
Thank you gentleman for your assistance!