Oppo 205 guagers selling used units for twice the price...

You can't blame those individuals that are trying to sell their (used) UDP-205's for twice the price (several even posted on the site for 2k+). That's not this focus.. If someone is willing to pay, so be it. My favorite Wall Street quote, "The illusion has become real, and the more real it becomes, the more desperately they want it".

That said, I feel it’s my fellow audiophile duty to save those willing to pay opportunist their gouging offers. Remember, Oppo is a Chinese company, aka the wild west of capitalism (if there is a market they will sell into it). The 205 sold out within just 2-3 days after the oppo announcement throughout North America. Knowing that Oppo has added a registration button "we might make another production run" and knowing how fast the current stock sold out, they have a huge private pre-order list. That is GOLD in terms of any company's sales/production projections/risks. They will be making another production run! Don't pay these ----'ers a cent. You'll get a brand new factory fresh machine soon enough.

You didn't mention other DAC ask for 5K and less performance. 205 priced low MSRP.
The 205s aren’t worth the MSRP in my opinion.  They were overpriced from the start.  The DACs are just OK and people are paying big bucks for 205s based on hype, not sound
205 is a 4K player+SACD/CD+DAC combination. Worth it otr not at 1.2k, you decide with your wallet. For audiophile, a used 105D is the best ,less 4K.