Oppo 205 for TV viewing?

Please pardon my lack of knowledge and reluctance to sift through literature. There’s an old Chinese saying “better to spend 5 minutes with a wise man than 1 year reading books”. 
Is an Oppo 205 any use for TV video and audio?
Where can you  rent 4K blueray disc? 
My display is a pioneer kuro so no 4K at the moment.
After reading this thread I briefly connected my FiOS cable box to my 203’s hdmi input last night.
There didn’t SEEM to be any discernible differences a/v-wise between the oppo’s hdmi input or directly into my Classe ssp800 input but I’ll do a thorough a/b test when I have more time.
I’d also appreciate it If anyone can chime in regarding setting preferences. A/V Settings were on default.

btw22, I assume you know the 203 doesn't have the audio capability of the 205, but that of the Classe should be excellent.  I further assume the Classe, like most high-end prepros, passes video but doesn't process it.

I'm using a Sony 65 XBR 850 that may upscale (whatever that means) to 4K, but I'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between 1080p and 4K sources.  My projector is not 4K; I suppose might appreciate 4K on the 100" screen. 

Yes, but wanted to see if there was an appreciable upgrade using the 203’s video processing. None that I can see though.