Oppo 205 - Basically a PC with small Analog section

I met a well know innovator, designer and repair expert this weekend.  He has worked on the Oppo 205.
He said the Analog section is very small and that almost everything under the cover is a basic PC with a multi format drive.  Better to buy a PC with a multi format external drive and sell the Oppo.  Plus buy a quality DAC
Anyone knows?
^As is most every other disc player. The alternative described will unlikely be able to play SACD natively. The analog section of the Oppo 205 is truly balanced and has a bigger tranny than most. It might be difficult to assemble the proposed alternative for the $1300 Oppo was originally asking. Even if one could, doing all that the 205 can would be challenging.
IMHO the big benefits of the Oppo were the built in Dolby/DTS decoding.
"IMHO the big benefits of the Oppo were the built in Dolby/DTS decoding."

     Erik is correct, the 4K 205 as well as the 1080P 105 both have high quality built in Dolby/DTS decoding utilizing multiple, top of the line and expensive ESS Sabre dac chips for both up to 7.1 ch ht surround decoding and a separate pair, along with a separate and isolated audio section, devoted to 2-ch cd/sacd/dvd-A  audio playback.  The volume is adjusted directly on these up to 32bit/192 kHz dac chips themselves so that there's no data loss.  The above means these units are able to perform all the functions of an A/V preamp processor or A/V receiver and there's no need for the extra component or expense. 
     They also both contain high quality video processors that provides improved video quality as well as upscaling to 4K for the 205 and 1080P for the 105.

The main thing that attracted me to the 9X and 10X models was their streaming and universal disc player capabilities. I don't consider the 203 I now have as an audio device really, I only bought it to be able to play 4K discs. 

I use bluesound and roku for streaming and a nice marantz player for cd and sacd.
It almost sounds like this thread was started to get people riled up. The statement is really ignorant and incorrect.  There may be similarities in some areas between Oppo 205 and a PC, but they are completely different beasts.