OPpo 205.... Awesome !!

Into my top odds line Sony 4k. Fabulous 👌   I'm sure others have my experience. Please confirm  👍🏻   



I am really enjoying this 4k blue ray disc player with my new top of the line Sony 4k television! The picture is simply stunning!

How many others have this wonderful combination and are you enjoying it as much as I am?

Agree, the Oppo UDP-205 is one of, if not the best, 4k Blu-ray players I have ever come across. Picture and SQ are second to none IMHO.

Sounds like my rig. I enjoy. Looking forward to Sony OLED in the future. One thing about the Oppo is future LASER replacement. Not sure it will be there, at least not from Oppo service dept.. Me nervous.

One thing about the Oppo is future LASER replacement.

Question - does a laser go bad if unused? I have NOT used the laser in my Oppo UDP-205 since I have been using it as a DAC since July-2020. Since 2020 July, I use the laser only once a year for 2-3 minutes to check if the CD and the SACDs that I have can be read by the laser. Maybe I should start checking every 3 -4 months?

The Oppo 205 IS awesome, best universal blueray player period. I bought mine just before they discontinued them. Has worked flawlessly from the day I bought it. No other companies make a universal player with the same options and features of the Oppo 205. I use mine as a dac preamp and run everything off it, subwoofer and powered surround speakers. Amazing unit, and it sounds great for audio only, good Sacd surround recordings are amazing as well. There is another company now called Magnetar that makes a very similar player as the Oppo 205 but it costs twice the price and it does NOT have all the same digital inputs as the 205.  Oppo 205 is still the best.


 Thanks for clarification  👍🏻.  Spellcheck can translate into Greek; and doesn't even charge for that feature ..  I'm particularly happy being able to enjoy my DVD's 👍🏻.  

I’m happy with my Modwright oppo 205 but, weirdly enough, sometimes it starts repeating a track (track 5 or 7) and I can’t figure out how to fix it. Very annoying.
Rebooting it doesn’t work.

Anyone have any ideas of how to fix it?



It has a repeat function, but that would play the whole cd over and over.

This is sporadic….goes for days with no issue and then I notice I’ve listened to the same song for the 3rd time…

@rettrussell might be a software / firmware issue.

A similar phantom lived inside my Sonica DAC until I ceased using it as a transport.

Have been using the Oppo BD-103 with my LG OLED with amazing results! Not one hiccup in either since purchased new.


Is your player hooker up to a Sony TV?  IF so, it causes a lot of unusual behavior, mine is occasional drop outs.  Called Oppo and they pointed toward the TV.  It causes problems due to it's switching input process.

I disconnect when not playing DVD/BR.  Otherwise I would sell the TV!

No TV is involved, however, I do have an 8" Eyoyo lcd monitor attached so I can navigate the DVD and BluRay disc menus.... I have no surround sound...stereo only.

When listening I almost always use the "Pure Audio" feature because (to me) the SQ is noticeably better.

The repeating problem is so inconsistent it's a real mystery.

The next time it occurs I'll eject the disc then play it again to see if the problem might be with that specific disc.

Thanks for weighing in!