Oppo 105D vs Marantz UD7007

would like to get your opinion from actual owner rather than dealer trying to sell. Your thought if you have own either one or maybe both units.

If my processor has 4k upscale, it really doesn't matter if my player is 4k up scaling or not, correct? System can only take one of the 4k up Scaling?

Hello Sautan904
I have and really like the Oppo. the customer service is 5star. i have had problem with Marantz customer service a few years back.
Can't speak to the Marantz, but I can't see how it's possible to beat the Oppo for the money. It's a fantastic unit - well built, sounds amazing, versatile, and a pretty darn good DAC to boot.
Your processor may have 4k but is it better than what is in the oppo? Keep in mind that most processors have to make compromises to get all of those goodies in one box. Oppo decided to make few if any compromises with the 105.
We all know that equal specs on paper don't mean the same thing in the real world.
My 105 does all of my processing, video and audio. My processor is mainly just a volume control and source selector. Granted, it is an Emotiva UMC-200 which is nice but isn't in the class of many high end processors. Because I have an Oppo I didn't feel the need to waste more money on a processor...
@Elevick. But I thought everything goes into the processor will be processed and converted to its own version of 4K up-scaling, correct? Need to look for local dealer who has both machines I can compare side by side. Usually most stores either carry Marantz or none. What kind processor you have?
I use 2 outputs from the 105. One hdmi to the processor so I can use on screen display when setting up things. The main hdmi (#1) goes directly to my tv. Maybe not idea but works great for me. My processor is the emotiva umc-200. All it really does for me is remote 5/7 channel volume but my kids use it as the main hub for dvd, wi & satellite.
Please note that I am not using the 4K but it should work the same way. Contact Oppo customer service and put them to the test. They are usually very good & fast. You can check with outlaw as well. Their processor is similar and they resell many marantz products.
Oppo does have 30 day money back guarantee...
American based company Vs Chinese
no choice
I've owned both (actually, the Oppo 103). The Marantz is a joke. You have a question on an Oppo, you call a number and a very smart fellow helps you. God help you if you need anything from Marantz