Oppo 105D video vs. Oppo 205 video - my 205 video doesn't look right

Anyone else have experience with the video on these two machines. I had to replace my Oppo 83, so I moved my 105D (darby) to my $350 42 inch 720 TV and bought a 205 for my $3,500 4k UHD TV. The problem is, the picture is much better on the 105D with the cheap TV than the 205 on a better TV.

Oppo offered a few suggestions which improved the picture, but it still looks poor. Contrast is weak, especially in dark scenes; many images look like they have a white fog over them; focus is soft. I'm really trying to love this machine - it is Roon compatible; great sound; separate processors for stereo; nice headphone amp.

I have a few days left to return it to Best Buy, but would rather figure out how to get a good picture.

Any thoughts are welcome.


Have you tried the 105 on the new TV?

Yes. I used the 105D on the newer TV for about a year before I bought the 205.
and no issues with 105 on the new TV ? are you having the 205 do the upscaling ? try setting it to native output and have the TV do any of the upscaling..
I ended up taking the unit back to Best Buy. They convinced me to take another one and try it. The new one works great. Just plugged it in and there was night and day difference. I make one configuration change - Output to Auto UHD and it was even better. Very happy camper.

Thanks for the responses.