oppo 105d mod or look for a new cd player ?

Had dealer install a set of wilson watt/puppy 7's. My system is small comprising of pass labs xa30.5 amp and x1 preamp. My source today is a oppo 105d. I got this since it works for the kids movies etc.. but I listen to 2 channel cd music through it. My dealer advised next upgrade should be my source to a dedicated cd player vs the oppo.
My question is .. lets say budget is $3k-$4K.. would people advise an oppo upgrade (EVS or Modwringht) or a dedicated cd player for the money ? Thanks in advince for any thoughts..

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Thankful, how do you honestly rate the JT Oppo upgrades to a fully loaded Modwright example?
Thankful, That's fair enough. I previously owned a modded Ayon CD-5s & own an Oppo 103, but haven't heard any modded Oppo players. Will check them out, cheers!