oppo 105d mod or look for a new cd player ?

Had dealer install a set of wilson watt/puppy 7's. My system is small comprising of pass labs xa30.5 amp and x1 preamp. My source today is a oppo 105d. I got this since it works for the kids movies etc.. but I listen to 2 channel cd music through it. My dealer advised next upgrade should be my source to a dedicated cd player vs the oppo.
My question is .. lets say budget is $3k-$4K.. would people advise an oppo upgrade (EVS or Modwringht) or a dedicated cd player for the money ? Thanks in advince for any thoughts..

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whatever you do do not use EVS, (the biggest runaround of all time)
total crock of bull too. the guy is as broke as can be and will add virtually nothing to the piece and then run you around like a broken horse until your broke and dead. take my advice and don't use EVS. Absolutely the worse possible person on the planet to chose from and a rip off artist too who does not do what he says. period.I have examples of what kind of runaround I had and what kind of work was done and what kind of a rip off he is.
I now have a total piece of junk 105.