Oppo 105D app for Apple devices

Does anyone know of an app for the Oppo player that let's the user use the keypad on the tablet to type in Youtube searches?  I downloaded the Oppo Media Control app, but appears to only mimic the remote.  
I see this was a popular thread....anyways i reaches out to Oppo who informed me the app can not perform that function (seems like a miss) but they suggested to “cast” a device to the Oppo so I’m assuming this means I need to buy and plug in a chromecast or fire stick or something of that ilk.  Given the low cost of entry I supposed that’s a reasonable alternative.  
One thing I did find that added some functionality -you can put the YouTube app on your device and then add a bunch of items to a watchlist. Logon within the Oppo with the same user ID and they show up in a folder.  Easier to use but downside is Google now has more of your metadata.