Oppo 105 won't show video

My Oppo 105 is sending audio (from DVD/Blu Ray) via balanced outputs
but video will not diplay.
Message on my Samsung 1080p says: "Not Known Mode".
I reviewed menu settings and nothing jumping out at me.
I swapped in a Sony Blu Ray player and all is fine.
Thought I'd consult the "collective" before hitting the manual.
Thanks in advance
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False alarm.
I connected to my HT receiver and it's working fine.
Sorry I jumped the gun.
I recently found out that the two HDMI Oppo outputs can be configured so that one passes audio only while the other does video (and audio?).
They can also both pass audio/video if desired.

This may have been the cause of the problem.

While the platform designers may think this is a "good" thing,
I on the other hand, have dubbed it "Future-bite".

Update: I just tried to play "The Green Berets" DVD and got the same "Not Supported Mode" message.