OPPO 105 VS Schiit Gungnir

I know it's sort of a lame question. That being said, the reason I ask, is I was going to buy a used Schiit, but saw a nice price on a used OPPO 105, and began to think about how much more I could do with the OPPO ( just audio no home theater ).

I was just wondering how much difference there would be between the two. I would assume that the Schitt Gungnir should be better, but how much ??

Thanks for any help.
I don't have the experience with the SG your wondering about...I did have a sim cd 5.3 player that I replaced with the oppo 105d (audio/only)...is it the best no...there are trade offs with any piece of gear...no amount of someones bs and bandwagoning can replace real world experience...

btw...im not missing the sim that much...
I've played with the Gungnir and own the 105. For 2 channel the Schiit is a little nicer. However, it's all quite close and dependent on the rest of the system. I don't really consider the Gungir a worthwhile expenditure/upgrade since I own the 105 (I do own a Bifrost and put it on par with the 105 but differrent).
I think it would take something like a Chord Hugo or similar to make the transition worthwhile. So, what will you use more 2 channel or surround? The Oppo is so versatile too.