Oppo-105 vs Oppo-93 + W4S DAC2 for stereo.


I am confused between the following choices. This requirement is for best sounding 2 channel stereo.

1. Oppo-93 + Wyred4Sound DAC2
2. Oppo-105 (with same DAC chip as W4S DAC2 + digital inputs)

I already have an Oppo-93. Would it be better for me to sell Oppo-93 and get a brand new Oppo-105 or keep the Oppo-93 and add a Wyred4Sound DAC2 to it. Any body anticipate any change in the transport between Oppo-105 and Oppo-93. I know that Oppo-93 and Oppo-95 uses the same transport.

I to am looking for a Blu-ray for strictly 2 channel enjoyment.
I think the Oppo 105 is to new to have any reviews yet on it however, from what I have learned so far in general, as long as you are going to use an outboard DAC you probably will be fine keeping the Oppo 93. However if you are going to use the inboard DAC then I would suggest getting the Oppo 105 because it will have a better Stereo DAC than your Oppo 93.

The only issue I can foresee, and I honestly don't know enough about digital to give a definitive answer is, that I with the Oppo 93 to use an outboard DAC you must change the settings in the setup menu, some players must down mix the LPCM for stereo use and some players don't. If the Oppo 93 down mixes but the Oppo 105 does not then I would go for the Oppo 105. I am just not 100% sure about the stereo down mix, good or bad? Maybe someone else can clarify.
The Oppo 93 supports only SPDIF and HDMI output but DSD is only sent out from the HDMI output.

The W4S has an HDMI-looking port but it's for I2S signals and is not compatible.

If you are using the Oppo to play back only CDs, the W4S+Oppo93 should sound similar to the 105.

But the 105 will also use the SABRE DACs for stereo SACDs and also multichannel SACDs/DVDAs/BRs etc.
Thanks Doggiehowser. Another important thing to note with 105 is that it houses a second SABRE DAC Chip for 7.1 analog out. So if you intend to use a pre/power combo for multi channel, then 105 will come pretty handy.
Hold on folks, we can't say anything about the sound of the 105 since IT HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED.

Those who have heard pre-production versions have signed NDAs that prevent them from commenting on the sound. And since they are hearing pre-production units, even if they could comment on the sound, those comments would need to be taken with a grain of salt.
I know it's not true that all DACs sound alike but SABRE32 designs sound awfully close.
I'll throw in my 2 cents about this. I've had a Modwright tube Oppo 83 for over a year and absolutely loved it. I recently tried adding a Nuforce DAC-9 and I was literally blown away by the improvement it made. I was using a toslink, so I was basically bypassing the internal Oppo Dac and bypassing the tube mods. I liked it soo much that I ended up purchasing a DAC-9.
Dear friends...would the 105 have a display when used as dac to read the details of bit rate etc?
Not to resurrect a lost thread, but I tried to use an Oppo 93 as a transport into my PS Audio PWDac, and didn't like it at all... it was quite a bit worse than my old Exemplar/Denon 2900 in that duty. I've actually been searching for a good transport ever since and am just using a Macmini in the interim. I've been looking into the 105s, but I would buy it to use the analog out, not as a source for the PWD.
Oppo 93 with Vanity93 board as a transport will amaze you !
A lot better than 93 alone as transport .