Oppo-105 vs Oppo-93 + W4S DAC2 for stereo.


I am confused between the following choices. This requirement is for best sounding 2 channel stereo.

1. Oppo-93 + Wyred4Sound DAC2
2. Oppo-105 (with same DAC chip as W4S DAC2 + digital inputs)

I already have an Oppo-93. Would it be better for me to sell Oppo-93 and get a brand new Oppo-105 or keep the Oppo-93 and add a Wyred4Sound DAC2 to it. Any body anticipate any change in the transport between Oppo-105 and Oppo-93. I know that Oppo-93 and Oppo-95 uses the same transport.

You might want to wait until the 105 is released and there are actual listening impressions.

But if you can't wait that long, someone recently posted a preference here for a W4S DAC1's analog output over the analog output of a Modwright Oppo (83, 93, or 95; don't recall which). Search function should lead you to the relevant post/thread.
Hey Roscoeiii

Thanks for the reply. I will search for the post.
Do you happen to know the likely date of the release of the new Oppo. So many good things have been said of the earlier and current Oppos I think I might buy one. I don't have a dealer that I know carries Oppo. I live in CT but travel down to NJ 2 times a month right near Philly were I used to work. Any help is appreciated.
I emailed oppo and they said oppo 105 is expected by end of this year. Oppo 103 specs are already available in oppo website.