oppo 105 vs 103

Im interested in the oppo 105 as a source for cd and sacd in an two channel stereo only capacity. Recently I read in stereophile in an article by Kal rubinson that the oppo 103 also had good sound quality. It is five hundred dollar cheaper so I was wondering how close to the 105 it is? Can anyone who has heard both tell me the difference.
What is your system and how will you be connecting the player to it?
I have an Oppo 103. The 103 sounds terrific on Redbook CD but if you wish to play SACDs you must have the HDMI cables installed which probably means you also need a receiver with HDMI capability. I trust someone will correct me if I'm wrong about this, but the 103 Handbook addresses this issue and my 103 definitely won't play SACDs in the two channel configuration. Dunno about the Oppo 105.
Since you are mentioning 2 channel SACD, I have to assume you are planning on using it as an analog player. In this scenario the 105 is undoubtedly the way to go.

If you already own a top notch DAC, your best alternative is to get a 93 with a Vanity93 digi out board. This will reclock the digital outputs and take the player up a few notches as a CD transport. Additionaly, it will do a custom DSD to PCM conversion at 176/24 on SACD, allowing you to leverage your existing D/A converter (if indeed you have one).

Again, if you are planning to use it as an analog player into a preamp, get the 105.
My system is rogue métis preamp, Vincent sp331 power amp, Cambridge azur 340c CD player, project debut carbon turntable and Von schweikert vr3 speakers. Yes I wanted to play sacd as two channel analog output. Thanks
Just get the 105, play analog into your preamp and be done.
Neither. Both are great Blueray players. However, a lot of effort has been put into the video section, especially in the 105. If you want 2 channel only, you could pick up a used Denon for a lot less money and get really nice sound (2200, 2900 or 5900 and the new renditions too).

For 2 channel my Denon holds its own against my Oppo. But, when watching a blueray there is no comparison.
I believe you have your unit configured incorrectly in the set up menu.
It should play two channel SACD out thru the analogue outputs
I sold my Denon 5900 to get a 95, and sold my 95 to get a 105! end of story.
I would answer this way. Oppo is a very respectable company that, mostly through direct sales, operates on a relatively small retail mark-up. Given that and the fact that as they go from a 103 to a 105 they ditch the 103 analog board, I would guess they have about a retail $1000/unit to spend in China building the 105 analog board. The question was for me, how much quality can good engineers get out of spending that kind of money in China? The proof is in the listening if you have a system capable of taking advantage. I sold my DAC which essentially made up for the price difference, and I am very pleased.
Thanks for all the replies, kr4 could you chime in and give a comparison between the two players? Thanks
Not much more to say than I did in print. The 105 is simply more detailed yet more open/relaxed. This is based, primarily, on MCH listening.
Sometimes you just have to follow the lemmings. If the universal player category leader optimizes a machine for analog playback, reviewers unanimously declare it a winner, people buy them in drover, and virtually non show up used, it is probably just a good machine.
Certainement! My position is that there are only small differences among quality electronic components within a category (unless the manufacturer voiced with vehemence). Even via the analog outs, I could live with either the 103 or the 105 and, via HDMI, could not choose between them for sound quality.

Speaker choice, speaker/room setup and room acoustics are so much more influential, imho.
I have a 103. Its a great blue ray player and a fine multi-channel audio player. It is not an audiophile class 2 channel player... doesn't have the detail and dynamics needed.
thanks for all the replies, I have decided to go with the 105 or maybe another choice the marantz sa-8004.
I was in the same place as the OP and went with the 105. I can say that it is detailed and musical.

I compred it to an in house audtion with an Esoteric unit costing 5 times more and decided to save $4K.

There was not that big of difference, The Esoteric might have seemed to have a little bit weight to the sound.
I needed a new transport for my Dac but didn't want to go with a "Pure transport" only [for flexibility purposes] so I debated between the 103 and the 105. I first picked up the 103 then shortly afterwards decided I wanted to have the music-making ability of the 105 in case my dac was out to lunch one day and still wanted good music in the meantime, so I returned the 103 and now have the 105. Yes, it seems a bit pricey just to use its coax output but I am using it exclusively for 2 channel audio only (No video, no computer...nothing else) and the heavier chassis and [potentially] sturdier drive mechanism also swayed me. Unfortunately I don't have it hooked up to a tv or computer monitor and all the "autoplay" features and "remembering where I was on the disc" crap is being a real PIA when all I want to do is simplify it down to play/stop/start and maybe "next or previous". For THAT reason I regret the purchase so far but otherwise it seems to do its job ok through the Dac.