Oppo 105 to replace Marantz SA11-S1 ??

Category: Digital

Have the Marantz 7 or 8 years and looking to upgrade. Run the SA11 balanced to an Audio Research LS2B MKII. Never was really crazy about it and it may be time to move on.

Been hearing good things about the Oppo 105 with the factory enhancement option, and read today about Stereo Dave's Audio Alternative Upgrade....

Can anyone shed some light on these for me? any comparisons or recommendations? Mostly plain Audio CDs but some SACD. 50's to late 70's Jazz and Classic Rock.
every store ive called...that still gets top honors...
I might pop for one for simple play back (backup)
I use a 105 as a coax output for my dac and it does a good job; especially for the $$$$. I've briefly tried it alone and it's pretty good/completely acceptable. I have also heard there are several "upgraders" such as Modwright who will turn it into something of a giant killer. Might be worth a follow-up if/once you try it out.