Oppo 105 stock vs Oppo 105 Modwright

Has anyone heard the Oppo 105 stock and the Oppo 105 Modwright?

Please describe the differences in sound.
This might help. It's the 6 Moons review of the Modwright Oppo 105: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/modwright11/1.html
Combine the Absolute Sound review of the stock 105 with the 6 Moons review of the mod and you'll likely have an accurate picture. http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/oppo-bdp-105-universal-blu-ray-player-and-dac/
I have the ModWright Oppo 105 and can switch between the stock and modified very easily. The ModWright tube mod with the right tubes is on another level. The ModWright capacitors and beefy external power supply brings a fleshiness and wholeness to the music and with more detail. To me me the ModWright brings more emotion to the 105.
I HAVE directly compared the OPPO 105 to a 95 Modwright in a system somewhat unfamiliar, but the results were clearly evident. The Modwright is just as Talk2me notes, more whole and full and MUCH more dynamic. The mids, particularly vocals took on a more natural presence and then of course the dimensionality was enhanced which you would expect from a tube output vs op amp. I did perceive a notable improvement from the stock OPPO 95 to the OPPO 105. I can't imagine how much better the Modded 105 is from my Modded OPPO 95 with the Bybee rail and audio magic pulse gen zx adds to the mod. The Modwright is just in a different realm from either stock version which are VERY good at the price.
I hope people don't base their decision on buying the Oppo 105 based on the review. I don't think the player sounds anything like what the reviewer says. I never liked his reviewing in the past for other components as well.
Actually Jwm I think he covered the bases by using in different systems. My problem with this guy is that he isn't always concise in what he says and I don't always "get" his lingo, "to the left" does that mean lean, fast or warm or what combination thereof to thee I ask? Too metaphysical in his prose for my tastes, I don't want to read poetry I want to read a concise review. I have listened to my Modwright in 4 different systems and while it is a GREAT choice in mine I wouldn't necessarily choose it for the other 3 which I considered too warm and full sounding to start with although in EVERY case the Modwright was a significant improvement over what they were using and they all agreed.

I would expect there are other better choices besides this one for some systems and tastes. It delivered EXACTLY what I hoped it would in my system with the added benefit of a much lower noise floor which I DIDN'T expect to the degree realized with those Bybee rails I am guessing. I was very deliberate prior to purchasing this unit based on what others said, not the least of all yourself. Of course I'm assuming there are general similarities between the 105 and 95 aside from the improvements going to the 105.
Tubegroover, I just am not a fan of that author for 6 Moons. I don't value his opinions, just like I don't value Jonathan Valin's as well. Of course someone could have a Modright 105 and not love it in his system. One can not just throw in a component like say a Rockport or Wilson Speaker and think nirvana is reached. One has to work at the system in all aspects speakers, electronics, and front end to make everything work in unison and get the best out of it.
I believe the 6 Moons review is dead on the mark and he nailed its essence.
He gave the Modwright Oppo 105 a well deserved rave review . It's funny,
he can say 20 utterly flattering comments and then have a cautious
reservation (1 or 2) not really a criticism and people focus on that rather
than the overwhelming praise. No component is without some fault or
relative short coming when compared to its rivals, there's always some
calculated compromise in design and execution (can anyone name an
exception? ). He obviously openly expresses much respect for Dan Wright's
talent and his products .

I agree wholeheartedly with his opinion that the analog output circuit is
likely more significant than a choice of a particular digital chip in
determining the sound quality (also acknowledges the importance of the
power supply, and again I agree). I've heard this component numerous
times, and it's as exceptionally good as he says it is, quite emphatically.
This Modwright player is a superb value and will out perform many higher
priced players. I could sure be very happy with it(but I'm pleased with my
current digital source). If you read the 6 Moons review
"carefully" you'll comprehend he was enamored with its ability
to make music. Isn't that what matters most? It does to me.
Charles I too got that the review was very positive and balanced. He really pegged its character, again that is saying that the character of the 95 is similar to the 105 but the latter a significant improvement. I feel the 95 in my system a steal for what I paid and I really can't imagine what it would cost to significantly exceed its performance in my system without going to the 105. It does indeed make the music come alive and was the missing link in my quest for a truly satisfying digital source.
Hi Tubegroover,
You summed it well, it does make the music come alive! When Srajan says some other digital sources are more extended or "lit up" in the upper frequencies, I'm sure they are. Lit up for one listener or system could be too bright and hifi like for another, we all realize how relative and subjective this stuff can be. The Modwright Oppo 95 is very, very good, the Modwright 105 version is a step above across the board, yes its that good.

Talk2me preferring this player to the more expensive ones he named in an earlier post is no surprise to me.
"Lit up for one listener or system could be too bright and hifi like for another, we all realize how relative and subjective this stuff can be."

Hi Charles, yes this is the exact point. The thing of real note to me was the big leap in performance in my system compared to the others when using the Modwright although they all preferred it it just wasn't as big a deal to me as what I heard in mine which was quite a surprise. My friends system doesn't sound bright using my previous digital source. In mine it did, or at least to me and a few others but not to all, again perceptions. Interestingly enough it STILL wasn't enough. I finally came to a conclusion that my long term reference speaker would either have to be upgraded or replaced so good was the Modwright in pulling things together in one manner but realizing now fully to me the intrinsic shortcomings of the speaker in its present state and coming to terms with that fact. So on balance the Modwright was a great improvement but with an ironic twist. Funny how a great component can evolve a system into a different direction altogether.
That's actually a good thing, you have a high caliber front end, now
you can build downstream in your system and preserve the high quality signal originating from the Modwright.
Members. Read what Arnie Nudell says about the ModWright Oppo 105. Copied from ModWright website:

> In all of my years in audio I have and never written about any of the myriad of products that I have used. As one can imagine, I have used more products than almost any individual will see or use in his or her lifetime. As is well known, over the years I have very much favored Audio Research products and used many of them over the years. For the first time, I am compelled to write about a product that is so extraordinary it has completely allowed me in a wonderful way, to enjoy music as never before. I've always prided myself, and lucky enough, to have experienced some of the greatest and most expensive audio products ever made. Some of my own products luckily have fell into that category.
> The product that I am writing about, and obviously extraordinarily crazy about is the Oppo 95/105 with the complete Modwrights vacuum tube modifications. The Oppo without the modifications is a wonderful device on its own and given class A designations in the midst of many other far more expensive players. Many people I know use the Oppo as it comes from the factory in their systems and are delighted with the results. Before sending the Oppo 95 to Modwright, I spent several weeks breaking in the device and listening carefully. I found the device to be very musical with great articulation, excellent imaging and very satisfying. Having had several Modwright player modifications in the past, I knew what a great difference they would make.
> After receiving the modified Oppo with all of the important Modwright magic including the double 6sn7 vacuum tube modifications of the analog section, and also, the complete three vacuum tube power supply, I had one more thing to do which was taking Dan Wrights suggestion of using the Sophia 6sn7s and a new old stock Mullard rectifier. I then took my first listen to this device and this is where all my words will not be sufficient to really properly describe the sound that issued forth.
> All of us have heard the descriptive words like resolution, articulation, huge sound field, and slam. None of these appellations can adequately describe the sound of this device. One of the ways that I would choose to describe this device over all the other DACs, players, and transports that I have heard, would be that the Modwright Oppo is the only one that really lets the emotion of the music and the players of the music really be heard in a way that is closer to the live experience than I have ever heard before. Sure, the Modwright has all of the above descriptors in spades. It has the most enveloping sound field that I've ever heard and all of the articulation and resolution that one could ask for without making the music edgy. I've heard many DACs and players that have great articulation and resolution but they seem to get it with a little more edginess in their presentation than real music ever has.
> In my opinion, the best recordings of classical music has been made over the years by Reference Recordings. Now with this device,at 24/176.4 I can play their sensational H R X recordings and hear them exhibit music closer to the real thing than I have ever heard before. Also, hearing my best SACD recordings also takes the emotional quality of music to a new level.
> My final remarks are very simple. If you want to hear music in all its glory I would implore you to rush out and get this Modwright Oppo,you will never be sorry.
> Arnie Nudell
> (Famed Genesis Loudspeaker Designer among other accomplishments - Dan Wright)
The comments by Arnie Nudell aren`t surprising, I ve felt for a long time that the most expensive audio products aren`t always the best sounding.High End audio is tricky and you really need to listen and trust your ears.Often more money will result in better sounding components but there`re enough exceptions to that rule that one needs to be wary.I`ve heard more expensive CD players/DACs that weren`t as musically natural and realistic as the Modwright Oppo players, they were just more hifi in character but less convincing in a true music reproduction sense.
I agree with Charles, and tube upgrading makes a A cdp into a A++ cdp. Trust me.