Oppo 105 or PS Audio PWD Mk2

I am in the market for a new CD player and wondered if anyone has been able to compare the Oppo 105 and the PS Audio PWD MkII.

I want to hear detail but want it musical. I had an Esoteric SA60 for an in home audition and sent it back because I did not think that it was especially musical in my system.

I would sacrifice detail for PRAT.
I cannot speak to the Oppo 105, but the Oppo 95 set up with analog ICs for sound is wonderfully musical in my system. No electronic harshness. Smooth.
Are you citing the PWDII as a reference to determine which disc player to purchase? I assume you already know that the PWDII is a DAC.

Again, you may know this, but the PWDII with the Bridge, eliminates the need altogether for a disc player. Playing files through my PWDII/Bridge outperforms my previous Wadi transport. I assume this is because all disc transports induce some form of jitter. Eliminate the disc transport and you effectively eliminate that source of jitter.