Oppo 105 or DAC

My 2.1 audio system consists of the Emotiva XPA-5 amp, USP-1 pre-amp, and their ERC-2 CD Player.

I have an iMac and it is not connected to my audio system yet as I am trying to figure out the best way to do it.

This system will mostly be for listening to music which comprises of iTunes, cd's, sacd's, and concerts dvd's and blue ray.

My question is if you had this system would you go ahead and purchase the Oppo 105 and use it as your DAC and disc player or would you suggest something different?

Allow me to suggest something different. use an Oppo-103 or Oppo-105 as a DLNA Renderer for your iMac with a good Media Controller program of your choosing; the DAC of your choice with the Oppo of your choice. Spend more time playing music and less time aggravated over PC audio quirks. I'm running the Oppo 103 into a Metrum Octave, after buying it originally for blue ray and then stumbling into how much simpler and better it is for digital audio media.
Was your Oppo 105 that the Campbridge humiliated a stock version or modified?
I have the Oppo and when I connect the iMac all works well for about 2 minutes and then the Oppo stops "seeing" the iMac. Pity, because it sounds well until this happens. I did a firmware update that was supposed to fix it and the fix lasted about 2 days. I was offered to send it back but I just started using the iMac with the Digital Ins on my Denon CD/SACD player and I left it at that.