Oppo-105, Cambridge Azur 840C, Van Alstine DAC

Need some guidance and opinions folks. I have a Cambridge Azur 840c CD player, along with my Van Alstine Ultravalve Amp, Vision DAC and Pre Amp, and a pair if Salks. This has primarily been my 2ch system. I am now adding an Oppo-105 because I've added a TV to this system. It seems to me the Oppo can handle all that the Azur 840c has been, and it might even be an upgrade. So I'm looking to see what people think about how I should now configure this. Keep it all and use the Oppo for DVD's only, and continue using the Azur 840c for CD's? Thanks for your input!!
Since you (could) have both on-hand, why not try for yourself and see what *you* think?

Thanks RW, I do plan on trying them both. I guess in addition, I was just researching if anyone else had a similar experience and the end result. I appreciate the input!