Oppo 105 Blu-Ray Player with the Roku 3

Is anyone using the Roku 3 with the Oppo 105 Blu-Ray player? OPPO says all of the Roku remote commands are integrated in the Oppo 105 Blu-Ray player remote.

The Oppo 105 only supports Pandora and Rhapsody streaming while the Roku 3 has over 83 music channels (http://www.roku.com/channels/#!browse/music/by-popular). In addition, I discovered that TuneIn is included with the Roku 3 (TuneIn provides streaming music radio and streaming talk radio).

TuneIn allows you to create custom URL addresses so that other stations can be included. For example, Radio Swizz Jazz and Linn Classical can be added to your Oppo favorites list. This URL option opens up many more possibilities for Internet radio streaming.

Does anyone have any comments on how the Roku 3 works with the Oppo 103?
Do you mean with the 105/ (not 103?)
Yes, I meant the Oppo 105. Do you have any comments?