Oppo 105 and Cary 11 Surround Processor

I'm hardly an expert with Home Theater and need some advise. I'm considering buying an Oppo 105 and a Cary 11 processor for my theater. It will be teamed with a JVC 3d projector and unknown multi channel amp along (have not picked one up yet) with Legacy Audio Phantoms for surrounds and the Marquis center channel. Of course i will be using Legacy Helix for the mains plus my two Legacy Extreme subs.

The Cary 11 is an older unit and will not pass the video I will be sing the Oppo which has 2 HDMI inputs for video. The Oppo do the surround processing and will be hooked to the Cary via analog for the audio channels. This way I don't have to keep updating the processor and just update the Oppo as it is needed.

Is there any problem with a setup like this?
Should I purchase a state of the art video and surround processor and get the Oppo 103 instead?
Any insights or inputs would be welcome.
Sgr. A few quick things to be aware of and I'm assuming that in every case you will be using analog outs and lossless audio formats.

1) You won't get room correction and the bass management that offers. That's a big deal. I suggest looking at external sub EQ options.

2) You can only set speaker distances in one foot increments on the oppo vs. 1/2 foot increments on a processor (unless that's changed with newer oppo units). There is also a limitation with the maximum distance of speakers. I don't recall the details but it is something like you can't have anything greater than the mains. So if your subs are further away distance wise than the mains then you can only have the max distance as the mains. Again I'm fuzzy on that as its been years sine I looked at it but it was a problem for me when I was transitioning from 5.1 to 7.1 and was using the oppo directly much as you are describing

3) you don't get additional processing modes like PLII or DTS:Neo6 or any THX re EQ that comes with a processor that handles the HDMI signal.

4) I'm assuming that the Carey has 7.1 channel analog input? When I set something up similarly with my Anthem AVM20 I only had 5.1 channel input.

So it's doable especially if the OPPO is the only source. You just need to weigh the trade offs.
I would pass on the Cary 11. Try to find an Anthem. Much better IMO.
with the HDMI inputs you can have 2 other sources, besides the Oppo.

I recently did a similar switch out, but I don't have a processor at all. I use the oppo to process the HDMI from my cable and AppleTV, and send the analog signal to my power amps. The video goes out the a projector, and I think the processing form the Oppo is better than the reciever it replaced, or the DVDO duo I previously used.

I use a tube preamp for 2 channel listening with HT passthrough. It's a simple and v good set up. I'm using the OPPO 105 as a DAC for my AppleTV and a 400 disc Sony DVD/SACD player.

BTW, HT is not my focus at all, it's really secondary, but I do like movies through the projector.
Which Anthem would you suggest?
I use an Oppo 105 with a Cary 11a. Some previous informations needs to be corrected. The 105 sets speaker distance in quarter foot intervals; subs can be farther away than mains; bass management is available if you set SACD output to PCM. The sound from one of top Anthems may equal that of the Cary, but that seems to be in dispute. If you can afford a Classe SSP 800, that would be a good choice, but I haven't seen one used for under about $6K.

The analog section of the 105 is superior to that of the 103. It has an HDMI port on the back and another on the front, as well as an asynchronous USB port. The 105 is essentially a processor, so if it has sufficient ports, you may want to skip a separate processor and go directly from the 105 to a multichannel amp.

I take analog 7.1 and balanced stereo from the Oppo 105 to a Cary 11a. The inputs of the 11a are set to bypass, so the 105 does the processing, sets speaker distances, crossover, and so forth. Video goes directly from the 105 to a projector -- a DirecTV HD-DVR uses the rear HDMI port of the 105, a Mac Mini the USB port. A Sony XA5400ES and phono stage are the other inputs to the 11a, so I need a separate processor, and chose the Cary 11a for its audio quality, knowing it was buggy with HDMI. Video and audio with the setup are superb.

I had the Cary 11a in my system and it never sounded very "alive". I was disappointed. There were issues with HDMI compatability with my Panasonic TV and if I remember correctly the Cary doesn't do any video processing. On the otherhand with the Anthem AVM 50 I have (not the v version) along with the ARC (Anthem Room Correction) all my cable channels are upped to 1080p from their standard 480i or best case 1080i. I have Fios which is excellent BTW. The Anthem room correction is much more sophisticated than the Cary's version as well, and it also works! The only downside some may have with the Anthem is it only has 5.1 analog inputs. I use HDMI from both my cable and Oppo 95 so it is not an issue for me. One other issue is that with the basic AVM 50 you cannot pass a 3d signal through it so you need to use one of the HDMI outs on your Oppo for video only to the TV and the other HDMI output to the Anthem for audio only. That being said if this is an issue just move up the line and spend a few more bucks and the Anthem will do the 3d.

I have had many different processors in all price ranges and to me the Anthem provides the best sound and flexability. I have never had an uber hi end processor though.
Just as a side note.....it seems a lot of people are stuck on the idea that they need to get a multi channel amp for HT. I have been using 3 McCormack stereo amps and love them. I bi-amp my center channel with one of them. MUCH better sound for the money!!! imo.
I wouldn't argue for either the Anthem or Cary processors if the Oppo 105 provides sufficient ports. I doubt the Anthem provides room correction if the input is analog and re-digitization bypassed.

I use a Velodyne SMS-1 bass manager to provide room correction for my two HGS-15 subs where wave lengths make correction most critical.

If cost is important and OP needs more ports than a 105 offers, I'd look for a previous model Integra like an 80.1 to use with a 103 and go HDMI all the way from source to amp.

By the way, I use multichannel amp generically to mean multiple amps. I use Proceed HPA 2, HPA 3, and an Amp 2 that's rarely powered up, because it drives two rear speakers. The HPAs are 500 watts per channel into 4 ohms, the Amp 2 250 watts. The speakers are KEF Reference 107/2 mains and 102 center and surrounds.

Elescher, how are the HDMI incompatibility issues related to the Cary which doesn't do HDMI?

Sgr, I use an Oppo BDP-95 with a Cary 12 and it is a great combination. I am using the 7.1 bypass with the Cary even though it does decode all the formats via HDMI.

The Cary 11 is a very good sounding unit but it is a little old. You may want to consider another older non-HDMI unit with your Oppo.