Oppo 105 Additional Music Only Listing Options

One of the reasons I like my Oppo 105 Blu-Ray player is its ability to stream from Pandora (free) and Rhapsody (fees). The problem is I would also like to stream from MOG, Spotify, Radio Paradise, iHeart and other music channels like the ones listed for Roku 3 (http://www.roku.com/channels/#!browse/music/by-popular).

I know the Roku 3 can be plugged into my Oppo 105 and the problem is solved (I think).

Are there other non-computer devices (No computers) I should also be looking at? Or, is the Roku 3 the best choice since I can plug it into the Oppo 105 and it has many music channel listening options. Is the streaming sound quality from the Roku 3 going into the Oppo 1205 okay?

Your comments are appreciated.
No help from me..but I have the same question. I don't want to mess with setting up a computer network connection to stream Spotify,etc.I am using the direct HDMI output from my computer for Spotify, but would prefer to eliminate the computer.
You can set up your computer running headless (no monitor needed). There are several way to do it. The easiest one is download any pc control clien on your mobile device and your pc like the free Slashtop app and Slashtop streamer. That way you can use your computer like a normal audio player and use your mobile device as streamer/player/controller.v(no set up, tv or monitor require) If you really don't want to use pc at all then there are new streamer/player on the market that will allow you to do that. Aurallic Aries is one of them.